Turns out the spool of thread had just gotten itself wrapped around the spindle. Rethreaded it and just let it run over the wrong start.

Not bad for a trial without proper stabilizer; the ear on the right drifted a little. The hiccup in the lower left of the border is where I noticed the cat was leaning on the carriage getting a vibrating massage and shoved him off. 😼

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Seltzer can for scale. The circle is around 2.5" diameter when I was planning 1.5"... got so busy cleaning up the traced shape that I forgot to rescale it.

iPad is now doing an update so here's a poorer-quality phone pic of the D. Va patch next to the gamertag patch that @CarlCravens mail-ordered some time back, ere we decided to get our own embroidery machine.

Left patch has some nice satin stitch around the solid areas, but no underlay stitching on the fill. That really makes a difference, especially when you're doing white-on-black. (It also eats up machine time and thread, though.)

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