Okay who am I kidding of course I went on to sew a teddy bear (some assembly required).

The cool thing about teddy bears and other jointed critters is that most of the sewing is flat (i.e. two identical pieces, or at least seams, that you sew together). I will have to sew the footpads in, and the head gusset (the only flat seam in a head is the chin seam, that lonely squiggle in the middle), and then it's just stuffing and jointing.

That really felt like cheating y'all.

Cut it out, turn it right-side out, and a little teddy bear arm is ready to be stuffed and attached to the body. (Seltzer for scale.)

I remember being very excited to find this fabric; upholstery velvet is rarely very fuzzy, and it was a nice teddy-bear brown. And I sewed something out of it and realized it looked like I'd made it out of a brown bath towel. 😔

There, less like 💩, more like 🐻.

And not to downplay the amount of hand-sewing/assembly/finishing; still gonna be an hour or three to make even a simple critter like this. But that takes out a *lot* of the tedious bunch-of-small-pieces sewing work, and allows for a lot of precision (in the less-fuzzy stuff I use for unicorns and whatnot).

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