Technically, it's not done. I need to finalize the stuffing, but I'm giving my wrists a rest after rassling with five cotter pins, even if four *are* minis. And then ladder-stitch all six pieces closed.

(And then clean up ALL THE CAT HAIR oh gosh why did I even pick up that piece of fabric wShite cats are magnetically attracted to that stuff)

But for now HI THERE!

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That's the older version of the elephant pattern; I've since revised the body so its tummy is a little more rounded, but this one went unfinished because one of its limbs took a (probably cat-assisted) trip and ended up under the curio cabinet for awhile.

It is the elephant version of the mastodon mascot for, an experiment in custom-printed fabric. The gray came out a little greenish - it was theoretically desaturated in Inkscape, but I wonder if the turquoise ears affected it.

Mastofriend has smaller ears, longer tusks, hair, and is of course brown.

I also decided the open mouth didn't work so well in the small size, but then sized the final pattern up by a third so I didn't have to rassle with tiny cotter-pin joints. The mohair one (not pre-printed good grief the stuff is already $100+ a yard I'd be terrified to work with custom-printed mohair) has a gusseted open mouth but it's more than twice the size of this one. And I still haven't found *its* missing leg. 🙄

And this morning I just noticed a hilarious/vulgar typo in that toot. It was entirely accidental, I promise.

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