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It's not fully stuffed yet (hence the nostril creases and the one under the left eye) but it is already developing *Attitude*.

The cabochon eyes are not strictly follow-me eyes but as deeply set as they are it still kind of has that effect.

Sadly those designs run into many tens of thousands of stitches, and would literally take my machine several hours. That snap tray earlier was almost 10K stitches, only three thread changes, and took ~45 minutes IIRC. Max speed is 650 spm and that's for short fill stitches (which okay, many of these designs are mostly those); it will slow down for longer ones... clear down to double-digit spm for wide satin stitching.

(do kinda want alllll the designs from this site though. Look at their dragons. Or wolves. Or foxes. Or phoenixes. Or anything.)

Suddenly have the urge to get some blank polos.

(j/k putting already-finished garments in the machine is SO MUCH TROUBLE and I hate sewing polo shirts from scratch. (Yes, I have done it.))

(Kind of a Redbubble etc. but for fabric. And with exactly the sorts of problems T-shirt services have with knockoff designs and so forth.)

(clarification: although I use it as a generic POD-fabric service, Spoonflower is actually geared toward "you're a designer who makes fabric designs available for other people and you get a commission." So I made a buck for what is basically just an Inkscape-generated texture. Cool?)


Just for the heck of it I put that brindle fabric available for public sale, and I just made a buck off it.

Weirdly, they bought it in a fat quarter of quilting cotton. Hope it works out for them.

Got an interesting survey from Etsy: sounds like they're exploring offering services to allow sellers to replace "regular" jobs (health insurance/retirement/income leveling/sick leave stuff).

My first thought is "cool" but my second thought is how Uber "helps" its drivers finance cars via a company store and I guess I'll reserve judgment.

Still haven’t rinsed the last of the stabilizer off the ampersands, and really should trim the tiny jump threads between the letters.

The battle with the critical failure die ended in a limited success. There’s one goof on the back but I’m not gonna run another. (I would if these were for selling rather than for fun.)

And the stitching is done. I accidentally picked up a second piece of blue so I re-did that die in a second color (I have eleven sparkle colors *plus* the crit-success D20 is in holo and not sparkle, so I didn’t want any dupes) and of COURSE it was the D10, so now I can roll percentile.

The top tab will get snaps installed so they can have either split rings or swivel hooks.

I'm sure it's purely coincidence that all the other dice went smoothly but stitching this critical-failure D20 has resulted in about a dozen thread breakages and one needle breakage.

(srsly I think it's the backing on the black vinyl shedding fuzz)

There are five of each color of dragon fobs, and a D4/D6/D8/D10/D12/D20 plus a critical-failing D20. (Wait, I guess that's seven dice fobs. Unless I did two D10s, of course.)

Kid's birthday coincides with her D&D night, I have realized, so I'm making party favors. She wants a D8 cake and I'm like, uh, probably not.

Nerding out over here a little tonight.

(Yeah, there’s some top stabilizer that needs picked off or, more likely, rinsed out - it’s water-soluble but often just tears away. And I’m not putting the snaps in until I have all ten dragon fobs cut out, and all eight dice fobs stitched and cut.)

I got this minky to make brindle pug plushies but there is a nonzero chance that brindle dragons happen too.

Alas: while I miiiiiight get both Lesser and Greater Sea Dragon finished by Wednesday noon (when errands will take me within range of the ocean), the weather is going to be clouds and rain.

... might have to visit the beach anyway, even if it's no good for photography. 🏖️

Trimming the Greater Sea Dragon preparatory to sewing the next hooping and I think I breathed some velvet fuzz and it's stuck in the back of my throat. 100% seriously contemplating getting a filter mask to trim upholstery velvet.

(Next hooping tomorrow sometime maybe; I have a field trip with my little preschool friends though.)

Current status: both cats stealthily hunting underneath the cutting table, so it's time to play the "Carpenter Ant, Parson Spider, Fabric Scrap, or Completely Imaginary Prey?" guessing game.

(The instigating cat also woke me up at 5am with what turned out to be a minky scrap but I fully expected to be a mouse. Not that we've had mice here AFAIK but playtime was definitely too extended for anything as fragile as a bug.)

Greater Sea Dragon hooping #3 (of 5) appears to have been successful. I mean, I won't know 100% until I do all the trimming, but all the seams matched up and I didn't sew the head to the tail or anything.

(Hey, that's a very real risk when you're dealing with a larger-than-the-hoop thing: the excess part is just flopping around and sometimes it gets tucked way under and you don't notice until you go to take it off the hoop.)

(Also also the fabric really does sparkle, though the silver sparkles are less bright than the gold ones were.)

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