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Time to put up the ice dragon and make a book box for the felt cats for my mother-in-law's birthday. But first, a quick little Valentine's Day beanie dragon. 💓🐉

(also, not an actual picture of my stuff)

(some of those are thin/flexible enough to use on dragons and stuff too)

Me: "I should stop buying vinyl remnants I see, I'm really not looking to get into conventional embroidery doing snap tabs and such"
Also me: "✨? TAKE MY MONEY"

I expect the overlap between "people who own embroidery machines" and "people who like jumping spiders" is probably not very large. Someday I will have the discipline to say, "that is fun but it is not serving the interests of running a business." Today is not that day.

Tomorrow's forecast doesn't look great for it either. 😜

And the pattern is published! It's not a *very* nice-looking PDF because this was not even supposed to be a project and I've already spent too much time on it. So let's call it a beta. Somebody try it out!

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(naturally it's waaaaay down on the to-do list, after "finish the cat shadowbox, finish the ice dragon, finish the silver dragon, finish the beanie dragon pattern writeup, finish the mastofriends, finish the mohair elephant, finish the...")

LB: My in-laws have an outdoor pond and one of the first fish they got came with the name "Fred." Somehow (our then-toddler was involved) the fish collectively became known as "Freds" or "Fred-Freds." I got the minky to make the original, red-and-white versions of that Choly Knight pattern for my in-laws in honor of the Freds, and in my headcanon they would both be male. 😆

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I don't think any _Phidippus_ species actually come in brown, but the black plush just was *not* photographable. 😆

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still trying to get a good picture of plush spider eyes Show more

Someday when we get the 3d printer running again, I'm doing this over my cutting table.

Also yes, Phidippus audax has iridescent "fangs" (chelicerae). The ones that used to live in the screen door of my old house had boring white rectangle spots, but some of them have orange or reddish spots that really are kinda heart-shaped.

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Sewing tiny dragon dentures is a perfectly normal way to spend a weekend morning.

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