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Greetings to all the new people! I have been here awhile but don’t have an post so: most of my these days is made with my sewing robot, a RPi-connected embroidery machine that I do unconventional things with, like make plushies and fabric (with a bias). I post a lot (like, a LOT) about process and mistakes, including what I’m learning as I run my new Etsy shop. I live in South Jersey, just across the Delaware from , am a mom, and I have .

I keep meaning to sit down and finish some dragon plushies but then all the shiny new embroidery designs I bought say “just one more?” and the next thing I know I have a cute little ruffly teacup notebook cover.

Fun fact: you can order from the Dollar Tree website and they will ship to a store for free.

Another fun fact: 3-packs of mini-composition books come 24 to a case. Lucky for me, my vinyl lady shipped my colored vinyls today because now I have to make 72 notebook covers.

(I also bought a corner rounder which arrives tomorrow, so I won’t round the kitsune one until that gets here.)

Also fun fact that's a sheet of iridescent textured vinyl it's sitting on. I have a little 9x12ish sample of it in two colors (IIRC pink?) for whenever I figure out what to do with it.

I gotta work on my circle-cutting skillz if I’m going to make tiny things like this.

Design I almost bought just to see how they did it (but didn't because my cart was, uh, pretty full): polo dragon. Which, it turns out, is almost exactly the size of the tiny dragon I was working on (and a very similar pose, though let's be honest the "pose clear enough to pull off as a tiny silhouette only" selection is really pretty limited)

I've alluded to how the two different embroidery sites this company runs seem to be separated chiefly based on audience and, well, I think you can see I have been shopping on the site that is *not* directed at the more traditional/older audience.

That's some of the nice felt: 100% wool, from a teddy bear supplier whose felt supply dried up so I bought basically everything she had left (not much 😔) and have been HOARDING IT POSSESSIVELY because it's amazing stuff (also because it was $50/yard). Finally found another supplier whose stuff I like, but it's $60/yard so you can see why I have been running all the tiny-dragon tests on the $12/yard woolblend even though it's not as smooth.

If you scroll down pretty much forever through her media you will (1) see a bunch of fox art and comics, (2) see the original down there eventually and thereby (3) have a pretty good idea just how long it took me to digitize it. 😆

: I am a dummy and forgot to put a tackdown stitch around the edge to start it off, so the fill stitches pulled the sides in a little. The gap between the outer black and the fill stitch shouldn't be there, but it's reasonably symmetrical so it's not bad.

I was just gonna put this in the mail and let it be a surprise, but I feel like @ziphi needs some cheering up tonight so behold: I digitized one of her foxes just for practice and it makes a pretty neat embroidered patch.

Gonna trim it and stick it in an envelope for her.

Three out of the four Harry Potter notebooks are up. The fourth... had a sad failure and I haven't gotten around to re-stitching it (because my vinyl person STILL hasn't shipped my replacement vinyl; she is a woman after my own heart and keeps getting distracted because there's nothing in her sales system bringing it up).

(Yes, ADHD does mean I ramble off on tangents sometimes.)

Anyway. Etsy listing:

And a goofed one... anybody want a heavily discounted Ravenclaw?


Somehow I scaled it back to the 1" size, and I think it mostly works except for the two repositioning stitch lines going up and back down the neck. Gonna fix that and call it good.

I think the satin stitch (in orange) is just too narrow all along that head part.

Really, satin stitch should be around 2mm to be consistently visible and, well, the very thickest part of the hind leg *might* have a 2mm stitch in it, so honestly I'm kind of pushing the limits of the precision a little too far here.

Better, kinda? I should have used some spray adhesive to hold it down. Not sure what went on with the satin stitch down the underside of the neck (it pulled a line of brown felt fuzz up with it, and was constantly on the verge of thread-nest on the backside) and the head is... just blobby.

In part I realized the head/body fill doesn't have understitching, but I'm not sure that's the only issue.

Guess I need to run this on proper marine vinyl instead of a scrap of squishy JoAnn random-remnant vinyl. Or maybe even felt. Tiny designs have zero forgiveness for stitch placement. (The green one is in a 1.5" circle; the black one would have a 1" circle if I'd gone ahead and stitched it out.)

First color of the non-beanie plushie dragons is in the Etsy shop:

There's a rather ambitious color list, but I figure I'll put them up as make-to-order shortly.

Next up: another dragon notebook:

Next up is probably the four Hogwarts notebooks, then I'll wander off into the dog-themed stuff. Don't wanna drop my nerdy fans right into the non-nerdy ones cold. 😁

Okay, I put the first of the notebook covers in the new notebook section of the shop:

The first one up is a Dragonquest cover, which I feel a little funny about (it's the design based on the Whelan cover and I don't like skating close to IP violations of any sort). But I took a whole stack o' pictures and will be getting the others in there forthwith.

Somehow when I was trying out a variety of ornamented font, I picked up this one without looking too closely at it (or its name, I guess).

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