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Greetings to all the new people! I have been here awhile but don’t have an post so: most of my these days is made with my sewing robot, a RPi-connected embroidery machine that I do unconventional things with, like make plushies and fabric (with a bias). I post a lot (like, a LOT) about process and mistakes, including what I’m learning as I run my new Etsy shop. I live in South Jersey, just across the Delaware from , am a mom, and I have .

Clearly I should have had the pay-for beanie dragon design available so these people would have something to buy from me (since none seem at all inclined to leave Ko-fi tips).

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Website traffic yesterday shifted over from "mostly from France and French-speaking Canada" to "mostly from Germany" so I guess the sea otter freebie is making its way through various languages.

Had a request to restock the Silver Speckle, so I'm doing a couple of those. Or maybe four, since I realized the wings are four-up (which then raises the question: do I actually have two in-progress in my to-do box? I was thinking the 4" babies were two-at-a-time so I didn't even look).

Whee, my dice order will arrive Wednesday, so I can finish up more dice bundles.

This means making some red dragons, which I think I'll do in beanies since I gotta do that tutorial this week (🐦🐦🥌).

First I gotta open up the Janome and figure out why it's making noise. And find the machine oil so I can oil it while I'm at it.

Apparently French FB, based on the email addresses that are signing up for the mailing list.

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When Facebook notices your sea otter plush design is free:

Welp, still can't see straight (I at least cropped the pictures correctly for the blog/Insta) but I got the sea otter in-the-hoop pattern published.

(Dilation is pretty much done but I still have some eyestrain going on, why I am I even still at my computer)

Good news! I'm not going blind.

Bad news! They had to dilate my pupils to make sure, so there goes my productivity for the day. 💫

(I also have to sew some more dragons before Sunday, so that will probably take precedence.)

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Don't worry, I still have some more interesting stuff planned. I have covers for three more cut out, but not gonna finish those tonight. I need to get the big rolls of silver and gold Oly-Funs (Olys-Fun?) out and first I need to clean up some space on the worktable.

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Okay I know this one's neither nerdy nor iridescent but sometimes I make stuff for the mundanes too.

I remembered to put all the pieces on this one, though I'm not sure what I was thinking when I did an RFID-block lining on a Moleskine-sized cover. I mean, you *can* still put a passport in it, there's just a lot more play.

(gonna be extremely bummed if Wawak arrives in Uline, but at this point the only one I can think of is Inked Gaming, where I get the Whelan merch.)

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I reuse as many incoming cardboard boxes as I can, but for some time now I've been either recycling Uline boxes or carefully removing the Uline markings on them before shipping anything out in them.

Considering leveling up to just dropping any vendors that ship to me in Uline.

FedEx updated their update, and says it's out for delivery today after all.

My only complaint: Madeira spools are 1000m (~1100yd) and I already felt like I went through 1500yd Sulky spools too fast (though nothing larger would fit on the machine and thread trees are awkward on home machines). But I could get used to this convenience.

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I mean, I think there's a problem but I don't remember it being *the* problem. Is there a problem?

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So I pulled out this old design that I had shoved in my WIP folder because it needed work. Couldn't remember what I didn't like about it so I stitched out another one and was like hmm, aside from maybe the ears and cheeks being a little too small to turn in the 4" hoop size (this is the 5x7 hoop size) I can't remember the problem.

Got an update from FedEx: it did in fact ship today, but is already "delayed" until Friday which tbh is still *excellent* service. (All of FedEx is running a day behind around here, probably because of a lack of drivers. I haven't heard about the other services but I expect it's the same.)

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Tiny whale sharks are getting a couple of larger siblings.

Welp, I placed a big Wawak order for Madeira thread, which they say will be delivered... tomorrow?

This will definitely change the calculus of the "I stick with Sulky because I can pick it up locally and not have to wait for it;" shipping is $7 if I don't hit the minimum order but also I have to factor in the cost of my time (and risk, right now) to make a JoAnn's run.

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