If it *is* likes, then I suspect people are hitting the "like" button from when it pops up in the news feed, versus looking through 200+ entries to vote for ones they like (which, you can vote for as many as you want so, again, sounds like likes to me).

All that said, considering I'm not gaining any likes from the news feed because no one followed me before this, the conure has a surprising number of likes. (Probably not enough to win any Spoonflower credit though.)

Things I have learned about the Spoonflower challenge: when you already follow a shop, you get a notification that they've entered a design competition. If likes are votes (and I think they are?) then it seems to be that the most popular shop has the most votes, even if their particular design isn't all that great (or maybe people just love flat pillow designs because they look do-able?)

The “Basic Cotton Ultra” is more basic than ultra; I should have ordered this swatch kit earlier (boy, Spoonflower has a *lot* of option) because I now see that despite its tendency to fray, the satin is the non-pile fabric to use.

(Also the gray is *supposed* to be much lighter; the other colors are the same though.)

Spoonflower: your fabric's gonna arrive friday
USPS lookup of tracking number: yep, friday
Informed Delivery email: you've got a package arriving friday
Mailbox: your fabric's been sitting out here all day wyd

(Also that's a 4x4 and I'm reallllly hoping the price will come down to ~$450 on the 5x7 PE770 now that the PE800 is out...)

The sun conure is up against a galaxy version of the mer-kitty so I think we all know I won't take first place. spoonflower.com/design-challen

OKAY IT'S UP! You can't vote for it until Thursday but you can add it to your favorites or whatever. Or you can buy it, I think? Assuming I poked all the right checkboxes. spoonflower.com/designs/809295

Despite supposedly being printed by Saturday morning, and a tracking number being issued, USPS claims it is waiting for my package from Spoonflower. Which, admittedly, means it might be in the mailbox (USPS' tracking ranges from "extremely specific" to "really far behind.")

Voting begins on Thursday so I would realllllly like to have a finished project in the preview box when people see it. 😐

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Painting complete!

Like the song from that Disney movie I’ve never seen, it’s so shiny!

I guess this is technically #inktober since I wanted to use the gold ink over watercolor, but it ended up being more of a watercolor piece than an ink piece.

Ruby-throated hummingbird - 4 by 6 inches

#art #CreativeToots

Woke up to it already being "Waiting To Ship" so I guess when you order Basic Cotton Ultra the queue is pretty short (or rather, moves pretty fast). Might get it in time to sew it up before the competition even. 👍

Welp, there is now a design in my Spoonflower profile: spoonflower.com/profiles/silver_seams

You can't buy it until the proof prints/ships sometime next week, but it's o-fishully in the cut-and-sew competition that goes public on Tuesday or Wednesday (AFAICT).

I better write up the instructions, I guess. 😬

You guys you guys you guys! The Pinelands dragons are getting their autumn plumage!

Honestly I'm mostly hoping that Spoonflower voters will just go OOH BRIGHT COLORS and vote for me purely on that basis.

Probably won't get to sew it anytime soon because what I need to do is work up a simplified version to submit to the Spoonflower cut-and-sew competition. And then beg all y'all to vote for me (though you probably have to have a Spoonflower account so that probably won't be too effective. I mean, they're free, but it's still a pain what with the captchas).

There's really only one rainbow bird here, just the top (left) and underside (right).

Not sure if Spoonflower is faster with fleece, or if I just happened to catch it at a good point, but the order I placed Sunday will be here Friday: a quartet of owls, like unto etsy.com/listing/613790029/owl. (I wasn't happy with the minky's "light roots," which you'll note she disclaims because that black owl really shows it, and am curious to see how the fleece prints and sews up. I still like the upholstery velvet best, but it isn't at all suitable for squishy .)

Picked up $10 inflatable pumpkin stack from Aldi shelf. Put inflatable pumpkin stack back on shelf. Don't need any more projects.

(I mean, unless they're still around and discounted Nov 1, then I might pick one up. Although I'm pretty sure at that size I can just use a PC power-supply fan, and we have spares around here.)

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