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Change of plans: decided to make seventy cats for my mother-in-law's seventieth birthday. Mostly tiny felt critters, though I'll probably do at least one more involved critter (probably from mohair, teddy bear style). Got started tonight, need to do about five a day. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

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Yesterday was a beautiful day for cleaning and arranging the garage shop/studio so I can actual work. Today is already more humid and I've got a ways to go. (Moved a year ago, equipment and junk just dumped in there for a year.)

Huh. One yard of duck canvas (60" wide, 300 gsm) soaked up all 12 oz of wax. I expected that to be enough to do two yards, which probably means this is really a looser weave than I should be using.

Now to let it cure, and see if it ends up seeming greasy. I've never worked with waxed canvas before, so it's an adventure.

Cutting diagram!

I've decided I'm not gonna kill myself trying to finish this by Wednesday, because cutting bookboard is tedious and these are a *lot* of cuts. And then that's going to be a lot of fiddly bits to cover it properly.

I should have started (much) earlier, but I completely forgot I had the idea to make this.

Oops, that is one version behind. Pretend I already shuffled the rows in that first panel into 1,4,2,3 order so the birthday candles end up slightly above the center, and reversed the tulip cat and black belled cat so there isn't a cluster of black cats there.

Progress! They all fit in three panels. Now to cut bookboard. Lots and lots of tiny cuts.

Also note that not all my pictures are exactly to scale. I made pre-measured boxes to put around each type, and that's actually what I used to size the boxes. The pictures were mostly for distributing the colors/styles more evenly. Do you see any places with too much repeating?

This is like cat sudoku: okay, no more than one or two jumping/stretching cats per page, gotta evenly distribute right- and left-facing cats, not too many black cats on each page, spread out the kittens...

(I forgot to caption that, but it is probably clear from context.)

Next step, arranging them so that the near-duplicates (there were more than I remembered, when I put them all on a page like that) are not close together, and they fit neatly into a grid. I'm shooting for four 12x12 panels, which will be shallow boxes made from bookboard and with acrylic panels to enclose them.

And of course I have to ship it on Wednesday to get it there by Mother's Day. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

Remember the seventy cats for my mother-in-law? (I do; I got sufficiently burned out I haven't done any hand-sewing to speak of since then.) They are, to the best of my knowledge, still hanging in a garland in my mother-in-law's house, annoying my father-in-law, so I have decided (again, at the last minute) to make a storage case slash album to put them in. Which first necessitates measuring them all (from 1500 miles away). Luckily, I took (terrible) pictures of them all.

Needed something a little more uplifting after Infinity War.

Oh, and also one of these, which I never got around to making for my MIL and whose most recent cat just died and she's resolved to not get any more.

And it's definitely not something that will go with *my* decor.


Considering a Petsmart coupon from 2004 was in the bottom of the Rubbermaid tub those were stored in, I feel confident in saying I'll never get around to doing anything with them. ๐Ÿ˜’

Dear mastodonians: I am dumping some of my stash. If you want it before it goes to the local thrift stores, send me postage and I'll send it to you.

The box I'm currently unpacking has some panels: somewhat creased and wrinkled versions of marshalldrygoodswholesale.com/ and img0.etsystatic.com/124/0/5992 and img1.etsystatic.com/000/0/6531 plus a Midwinter Dream vest panel and yard of allover-print fleece, and a couple pillow panels for the deer one.

LB: I will admit to not doing any sewing recently, so I guess it's good *someone* is making use of the space.

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We thought this table was for sewing, but Ramses says otherwise.

(I haven't crocheted in thirty-some years but hey, the kit was five bucks.)

Picked up an amigurumi kit the other day. They didn't have the mythical animals one so I got the "woodland creatures" set. Most are cute but what is thaaaaaaaat

I guess the fabric dot com fulfillment house ran out of scissors and they had to chew the yardage off for me.

Carl also reports that she went through them fairly quickly unwrapping them, but then after he and his brothers put them all on the garland, she got out her camera to take pictures of all the cutest ones... and ended up taking a picture of (almost?) all of them. So, a win, I think.