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"Printing and processing"?!

I shouldn't get my hopes up; there are two different fabric types and one of 'em is the stock swatch piece so maybe they just add extra yardage to one that's already in the queue there.

Now begins the endless refreshing of the "your order is waiting to print" page.

(Srsly Karen, the queue is always ~ a week, don't bother yet)

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The really fun part is that now they're gonna nag me to make that a public design. Sure, I bet there's a lot of demand for that motley collection. (Actually I'm kinda tempted to make the color swatches public, though I'd have to order ANOTHER quarter yard of it if I wanted to sell it individually.)

I mean, couple random leg bits, different color from all the other pieces of those critters on the page, and (though I'll grant this is hard to tell at a glance) 75% the size of them. 🤷‍♀️

Aaaaaand order placed.

It's a weird gang-print yard: one rainbow birb, three mastofriends, one flower bear, and one color-swatch set with a replacement leg for the previously-printed elefriend.

New corporate motto: "Silver Seams: Making Spoonflower QA Go WTF Since 2018."

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Me yesterday: Okay, sale ends Monday night, gotta make three cockatiel variants to print
Brain: dragon
Me: We *talked* about this. Texturing the dragon will take too long, we'll get to it next time.
Brain: smol dragon
Me: Draft and test a whole new pattern? No time!
Brain: cute lil dragon
Me: I don't do cute!
Brain: five-way jointed
Me: It won't sell for enough! Birds will sell!
Brain: dragon tho
Me: ...
Me: <is now halfway through test sew of five-way-jointed chibi dragon>


Hmm, I should probably do four birbs and gang them into a yard, since I'm not testing the pattern itself.

*falls down rabbit hole of cockatiel color genetics*


Turns out the sale is only on full yards of fabric.

No problem, I have three quarters already, I'll just gang four of them and print as a single yard.

Spoonflower: okay but you'll still have to order each design as a separate fat quarter before it counts as a proof, and you have to buy a proof before you can sell it

Me: ...


Flower bear, elefriend, mastofriend, and rainbow birb all have proofs ready to go.

... dragon next? Dragon next.

Two down, two to go. (The inner wing goes quicker because it's just a modification of the outer, and less complicated color-wise.)

Oh, almost forgot the closeup of the head: the neck joint turns, and it can hold things in its beak. Also it has beady li'l eyes.

Printed-fabric has little anime eyes printed on, but they can have glass or safety eyes put on over those.

Also my 1/2" and 3/4" extra-thin joint disks arrived. Naturally, I decided to size up the elefriends a little so they'll take 1" joints. 😩

Anyway I have until Monday to finish it and order a proof print if I want to make the discount. But these feathers are giving me a headache...

Proofs of 2-up flower bear and elefriend/mastofriend are ready to go, though.

I can't remember now if I ever posted pictures of the original sun conure, but here it is. A test pattern in craft felt, with compromise wings (half spread, jointed so they pivot). I did post a link to someone on DeviantArt/Etsy who made one from my pattern; I think a couple others are out there.

The plan for the new parrot will be magnetic wings, so they can pivot but also so you can swap out fully-open to fully-closed.


(big green blocks are placeholders for where I gotta make so dang many feathers; entire image is a quarter yard of fabric)

DANG IT the upholstery velvet is on sale at Spoonflower but not long enough to get proofs back and place a full order.

Sun conure wing coloration is complicated.

*inkscape crashes*

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