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Greetings to all the new people! I have been here awhile but don’t have an post so: most of my these days is made with my sewing robot, a RPi-connected embroidery machine that I do unconventional things with, like make plushies and fabric (with a bias). I post a lot (like, a LOT) about process and mistakes, including what I’m learning as I run my new Etsy shop. I live in South Jersey, just across the Delaware from , am a mom, and I have .

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Okay one more flap for me.

I guess now I need to make a second for my sister. Hmm. *looks at fabric stash*

(yes my flight leaves in ten hours and I'm still sewing DON'T JUDGE)

The flaps unsnap, and I figure I'll make them (and me) some holiday ones through the year, but for now just a couple of Halloween Minnie Mouse ones for Disney this week.

All four together. (If it's too small to tell, one heart is made from dolphins and fish and seahorses, the other is made from unicorns.)

Gotta finish up the other two white purses (not pictured, the already-embroidered flaps for them) for the nieces, but here's my sister and me.

Dilemma: I have finished lunch and need to go back and finish the work on the cutting table but someone else in the family is taking too long to finish *his* lunch and I don't want to disturb him because his tank is next to the table. 🐍

One hour and twenty-five minutes of machine time. Needs blocked (it's duck canvas, versus the usual vinyl) so hopefully the background will calm down.

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Both Night child and Night mare are available in my shop!

Also, I'm selling some old originals for cheap on patreon (post is public) and there are FOXES 🦊

Making the twins a unicorn tote and narwhal tote, so I made a couple of lip balm holders to hang from the pocket zippers.

The real problem is: what color of bags to make. Black is fine for mine, but not sure that works for the brighter vinyls. Since the flaps are interchangeable I'd like them to be fairly neutral, but the white and ivory vinyls are fairly stiff to work with. 🤷

Up next: putting the snap backing on these, and finishing three more bags for them to be flaps on. Castle is for my sister, pork roll is me, and the sea life and unicorn hearts are my nieces.

If you've never heard of pork roll/Taylor Ham, well, neither had I before I moved here:

It's somewhere between Canadian bacon or American bacon, but structurally it's a bologna-ish lunchmeat.

I made myself a little crossbody purse with interchangeable flaps (because I'm too indecisive to just embroider a purse). Going to Disney, needed something that would clearly identify where I came from. This was what I came up with.

Yeah, only people who are *from* here will get it, but it's all I got.

Update: they cancelled *one* size of the dowels but not the other, and sent me the fulfillment email while I was at the Costco at the end of the shopping center (but which has no wifi so I didn't get notified). Oh well. At least the fabric (the last bit of the stuff I've been using for starry-wing dragons) is reserved for me.

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I did an art trade with @silverseams and got a little space dragon 💙 the eyes have a really pretty color!

... just can't quite decide how to make it less pterosaurian.

Still not sure if the head works at all. It's just the five-spike beanie dragon head. Flat-sewn, which means the contrast color runs all the way up to the back of the spikes.

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