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Greetings to all the new people! I have been here awhile but don’t have an post so: most of my these days is made with my sewing robot, a RPi-connected embroidery machine that I do unconventional things with, like make plushies and fabric (with a bias). I post a lot (like, a LOT) about process and mistakes, including what I’m learning as I run my new Etsy shop. I live in South Jersey, just across the Delaware from , am a mom, and I have .

Having waaaaay too much fun making color variations of this design.

(There's still time for the others to sell though they start to risk arriving *on* the first if they ship Frday.)

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Made five advent calendars last year, got them listed a little earlier in November (whoops) and they sold out. Made eight this year (bought enough dice for ten but this gives me wiggle room for swapping colors around) and four have sold. 🎉

That *almost* covers the cost of the dice and postage, now I'm just getting paid for my time (it does take a *lot* of time, I have tried to get the kid to do the papercraft part so I can get some more sewing done).

Kinda wondering if Instagram *really* killed hashtags because of "election misinformation" or because "hey small businesses are getting free traffic without buying ads, we have a chance to turn that off this year without blowback!" 😒

(I mean, 2x flat rate prices, which are factored in, is more than one non-flat rate that will fit two calendars. It's just... seems wrong.)

(It's actually good because I realized I don't have enough flat-rates on hand for today's orders, whoops. If anybody else buys one I'll be taping up packages in the PO parking lot.)

(not for the first time)

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Me: *carefully engineers countdown calendar to fit exactly in a Flat Rate Priority box*

Buyer: *buys two*

Me: ... or you could do that, sure.

Currently happening: embroidery machine is hammering out dragon dice trays, cutting machine is cutting gift boxes, clothes washer is filling, furnace is whooshing.

I put my headphones on to listen to podcasts, couldn't hear them, took my on-the-ear ones off and put my over-the-ear ones on with nothing playing.

Correction: three more on the way. I'm sure I had a reason to add "rose tan" to my order. 🤷

For now, I have pointy bits to finish the first Gold Floral II.

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(Also yes it *super* bugs me that "cheetah" is a specific fabric pattern that is not what a cheetah's spots look like. I once saw cheetah-type spots labeled "jaguar" but I think that one was just trolling rather than an industry standard)

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While I'll certainly get the first four colors listed today, I am *not* hitting my goal of getting all the colors listed. (In part because I spent sewing time running out to get more colors.)

I was only going to do the solids (plus the white speckled, which is small enough a pattern to not really be a pattern) but I think I may do some of the foils. Definitely the black rainbow, but I think even though the "cheetahs" are way too big, they'll work as a sort of pinto look.

Okay fine I might not have the blue and purple to work on yet but I did snag this remnant of "rose carmine" (fuchsia, it's fuchsia) a few weeks ago.

White, gray, emerald, cabernet, rose carmine, maybe black (oh gosh black mochi is gonna be even more of a void to photograph than black minky).

That oughta be enough colors even if I don't finish the ones in grape wine (somebody was day-drinking when they named some of these colors) and medieval blue.

Oh! Almost forgot.

Technically this is for subscribers to the shop announcements list (in the sidebar of but since all y'all are basically getting shop announcements and THEN some:

That's 15% off at the Etsy shop through the end of the month (old stuff *and* new stuff).

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So I have committed, via my shop announcements mailing list, to:

Mon: dice calendars
Tue: mochi baby dragons
Wed: dice gift sets and mochi adult dragons (basically, that black rainbow one)
Thu: The floral-print-wing dragons

Got the dice calendars listed, but didn't even get the two other colors of mochi picked up for tomorrow.

(I did say the Cirquell dragon was kind of a moonshot.)

The advent calendars are listed!

Here's what's in one of the red ones; CW'd for spoiler in case you want to buy yourself one.

Yes, somehow this all fits in a flat-rate Priority box. *does magic*

I needed to restock on KAMsnaps so while I was at it I sprang for the proper-sized hole-punch die and grommet setter (I have a couple of pliers types, but the table press is vertical and more accurate) and it makes setting the grommets SO much faster I should have done it a long time ago.

I also have learned that the table press makes it *really* easy to over-press the eyelet size, but I think I have the correct pressure down now.

Fine I'm just gonna buy a Glowforge and make my own

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