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The finished-items lineup continues. Yeah, still no owlbears, those are next.

Shooting for a 2pm shop drop.

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It's not fully stuffed yet (hence the nostril creases and the one under the left eye) but it is already developing *Attitude*.

The cabochon eyes are not strictly follow-me eyes but as deeply set as they are it still kind of has that effect.

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Depending on how you group them, my product shots could be read as "I'm selling this can of Aldi-brand seltzer, here are some other household objects for scale." 😆

gonna sew another seal tomorrow so it can be an Easter seal

Seal, draft 1. Head is okay, front flippers are okay, neck is too long, hang on seals don't have THIGHS what is even happening here

Upholstery velvet has almost no stretch, so things like the silver dragon are straight-up three-dimensional geometry. Minky has a LOT of stretch, so things like these little critters are a little geometry, a little art, a lot HEY LETS SEW IT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS.

There's also a certain amount of "okay let's make it fill the hoop and then re-proportion from there."

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Do you want to commission a plushie? CLICK HERE to find out how:

If you would like to commission a plush I'll be pulling names for my commission raffle on Thrusday April 25th!

Today's testing: making an embroidered face for the flopsie elephant. Trying out puffy embroidery, which means no black outline. Not enough dimensionality to make it worthwhile, IMHO.

And then I goofed up alignment on the two pieces, whoops. Making alignment foolproof is my next task.

The second dragon is in France! (I'm not sure I get to track it any further than that, according to my local postmaster. Depends on whether "ROISSY COURRIER INTERNATIONAL" passes data back to USPS apparently. They may not report anything until delivery, if then.)

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oh gosh gargamel don't boost my *goofs* 😂

Basically, it's the opposite of what I'm doing with the dragon sculptures: with the dragons (and unicorns and whatnot) I'm pushing *my* abilities as well as the machine's (which is why there are SO DANG MANY goofs in my feed: getting everything aligned in a machine I'm *not* in charge of the accelerator on is a challenge sometimes), where with these patterns I'm targeting an audience with minimal sewing-machine experience that wants to put a piece of fabric down and have ✨magic✨ happen.

Yes, that's another in-the-hoop plushie. Getting three dimensions is the real challenge with those. For instance, here's an in-the-hoop fox by one artist:

And here's a conventionally-sewn head by the same artist:

I'm targeting people who want something closer to the second, but who for whatever reason don't wanna use a conventional machine to get there.

In-the-hoop is such an interesting way to make plushies. Instead of cutting out a pattern, transferring it to fabric, then cutting the fabric, you hoop up a couple whole pieces of fabric, let the machine sew its program, then cut around it. It makes small fiddly pieces much more doable.

Look at this tiny little orca!

I sized it down for a 4x4 hoop and... that made it smaller than I had imagined. It’s a bit finicky but still easier than trying to sew something that tiny on a conventional machine. And it’s three-dimensional while still being entirely in-the-hoop which has been my grail as far as designs that will stand out in the market.

(Yes, that’s it compared to the Boston Terrier Orca, I don’t even know where the purple one is right now.)

Also say what you will about Etsy's fees, it is *really* nice to just pop into the dashboard, print postage *and* a customs form automagically, sign it, tape it onto a box, and have something I can hand to a small-town[ship] postmaster and have him scan it and... that's it. For an overseas shipment. I would have been in and out in 30 seconds if we hadn't commiserated about "those poor French people" and the Notre Dame fire.

Technically, the West Berlin PO, I guess. The NJ ones have not been reunited. 😆

This package would arrive in France faster if I was shipping from the Berlin, Germany post office instead of the Berlin, New Jersey post office. 🤔

(One of those is only five minutes away, though, so that's the one I'm gonna pick.)

@anaisfae Pink dragon bids adieu to its compatriot, who has a LONG flight ahead. (Also I got so excited I didn't write anything on the packing slip so: thank you!)

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From my mom today. Same. "something exploded in the garbage truck and the garbage got dumped on the street. The garbage was on fire"

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