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Greetings to all the new people! I have been here awhile but don’t have an post so: most of my these days is made with my sewing robot, a RPi-connected embroidery machine that I do unconventional things with, like make plushies and fabric (with a bias). I post a lot (like, a LOT) about process and mistakes, including what I’m learning as I run my new Etsy shop. I live in South Jersey, just across the Delaware from , am a mom, and I have .

"8" x 8" Test Swatch of translation missing:"

They just moved into a new factory so I guess they haven't unpacked all the language files yet.

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use stuff from the last Spoonflower order before the next one arrives challenge

Boy some colors of minky have more stretch than others and you know what, this is not one of those colors.

Gonna deal with this tomorrow.

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Have you ever tried to put mittens on a very small child? This is like that except they're gloves, and the gloves are skintight.

Anticlimactically: now I have two spools of wire.

... what was I going to use them for, again?

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Blick order is simultaneously on a FedEx truck for delivery ("Delivery scheduled via FedEx Home Delivery, not US Postal Service") and also has an expected delivery date of 9pm tomorrow, which either means the latter is the old SmartPost date or else some poor FedEx driver has a *really* long shift.

Uninstalled the Debian repo version of Blender, installed the current version from the website, and now it looks much more like what the video told me to expect.

(This adventure brought to you by a nice springlike day reminding me that I have a dumb resin printer I should learn to use whenever the weather gets nice enough to open the windows.)

(Honestly there's an unused, shut off gas fireplace in my work room, I should just rig an exhaust enclosure that makes use of it.)

*watches YT Blender tutorials*

Me: Okay, I think I'm ready to tackle this.

*opens Blender*

Blender: Oh hai basically everything is different in this version.

Me: Those videos were only a year old!

Blender: 🤷‍♂️

Me: sudo apt remove

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FedEx found my package! They shipped it to a nearer SmartPost hub so it will arrive on the ninth business day, Friday, technically on time.

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Valet tray for the 4×4 hoop

When I made the pinched-corner version of the valet tray, I tried fitting it in a 4×4″ hoop. It really didn’t work with the size 20 snaps since they need to fit two to the corner square, with enough clearance to get past each other. The result is a center space that’s less than 2×2″ square. I didn’t think about the fact that the rounded-corner version doesn’t need the same clearance, and so can get by with a shallower tray. Well, now I have.

Snap Tray for 4×4 Hoop (ZIP)

Reducing the tray sides to about 13/16″ versus the 1 1/8″ of the original trays gives me a base a hair over 2.25″ square. Still tiny, but that’s the nature of the 4″ hoop. (If you have a choice between a combo 4×4″ machine and a dedicated 5×7″ machine, always go with the latter and get a conventional machine at a thrift store or garage sale. They’ve been scarce lately but I promise all the ones that got bought for mask-making will start getting dumped soon. You can read more about what you need to get started in ITH embroidery here.)

I punch the end of the tab slot to reduce corner bulk, but it’s not necessary.

It’s a perfect size for small embroidery designs like the D&D Ampersand; you can use Ink/Stitch to merge the designs or, what the heck, here’s your bonus for reading to the end of the blog entry:

D&D Ampersand Tray for 4×4 (ZIP)

#freebie #machine-embroidery

Kid brings in mail.

Me: "What the... ? This is the third day the mailman has refused to pick up this padded envelope! What is the PROBLEM, I put the flag up. The least he could do is leave a note saying why he can't take it!"

Me: *realizes the return address and delivery address labels got switched*

Me: "Ah! Well, nevertheless..."

The good news is: I finally got around to organizing some of my works-in-progress into the polyzip envelopes.

The bad news is: not before I lost one piece of one of the bats. (It's bright green, it shouldn't be hard to spot, but I'm afraid it made it into the scrap box without me noticing it was not just a scrap.)

"Yes, my mail is primarily *neither* domestic nor international." 🤷

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Resized the tray to fit in the 4x4 hoop (the only one many embroidery machines have, including the one I inherited from Mom and should really try out someday).

Look at that tiny tray!

Current status: making a cutting-machine file for a semi-prolate heptacontadihedron.

As one does.

Armature wire quest: shipment has now been in "Arrived at FedEx location/USPS currently awaiting package" for a week, which either means FedEx botched the handoff (it's a SmartPost hub) or USPS is behind on tracking updates (which, let's face it, is actually pretty normal these days).

Blick guy says it can take 7-9 business days to arrive so I guess we'll see.

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Mochi quest update: placed an AliExpress order to try out some probably-mochi fabric. Shop promised shipment within 7 days, arrival within 45. Eh, worth a shot.

Didn't ship, but I let it ride until AliExpress' four-week automatic refund date, and woke up this morning to a shipment notification. 🤔

How long might it take to arrive? "If your order does not arrive on 2021-05-24 , you can apply for a refund by opening a dispute."

I think I won't hold my breath.

Windstone Editions email: "Add to your ever-expanding hoard!"

Me: They're selling fabric now? 😆


Me: ... okay actually I would add that to my hoard.

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