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This is Hilla from the game Maple Story! She's a necromancer that reportedly "handed over the city of Azwan to the Black Mage in exchange for eternal power, youth, and beauty." So... If that doesn't get you in the holiday spirit, I don't know what will!

ALSO, if you are not aware I'm drawing names for my next commission raffle TOMORROW, THURSDAY DECEMBER 13TH. Please check out this post:

Hilla is a commission for Vivian!

Well, if the first draft's face looked like a turtle (mastodon.art/@silverseams/1012), the second looks like a derpy baby bird. I did this one much larger, in fleece, and stuffed the stuffing parts but didn't actually put beads in the beanbag parts so it's a little saggy. Again, pay no mind to the unfinished wing attachment point and unsewn toes. (And yes I gave up and put a cat mat on the cutting table. They still would rather sleep on my fabric, ideally *while* I'm cutting it.)

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why you gotta do a 15% off sale when I already have too much stuff to sew

Working on a simpler dragon pattern to sell as SpooFlo cut-and-sew yardage. This one is flat-sewn, except for the nose seam (which definitely needs to taper more smoothly at the upper end), and also tries out that weird upholstery velvet from fabric-dot-com.

Pay no attention to the unsewn wing attachment point on top. Last picture is kind of a mockup, although the real wings will actually be floppy. (I mean, I guess people could wire them if they wanted, but it's sort of a beanbag critter.)

@Curator Uh, probably "artalley.porn" shouldn't be showing up in /gallery.

(I *always* need something from the hardware store. Ditto the office supply store.)

My husband: "I'm going to the hardware store, you need anything?"
Me, promptly: "A roll of aluminum flashing."
Him, after a startled pause: <laughter>

We have been married for over a quarter century, through all manner of weird art projects and a costume/fursuit-making business, and I can *still* surprise him with my weird requests.

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Kinda bummed we already gave MIL a bouquet of kittens (thinkgeek.com/product/klnk/?sr) because once I get the process figured out I can see making single-color critters could go *really* fast.

Also kinda bummed that Thinkgeek's bouquets are only nine whatevers (gosh they've expanded the offerings since I last checked), because "a dozen long-stemmed kittens" has a much nicer ring to it.

(The planet one has ten, though: sun *and* Pluto. 👍)

And yes, haven't worked on toothpaste horse in a couple days.

Also grabbed the rust minky instead of the gold minky but I think that color works better anyway so at least that mistake worked in my favor.

Still fumbling through in-the-hoop plushie sewing with The Wonkiest Fox. Goofed up the thread a couple times on the face, got the fabric pile reversed on one side of the tail, COMPLETELY MISSED despite carefully aligning the body pieces so poor little front paws.

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I have done it! I caught this lil one coming in HOT 🔥, letting the tower know & landing gear, out! & now that I've had a closer [slower] look, evidently this is a 'rare' for CA Mexican violetear (Colibri thalassinus)!? You can hear their wings flutter coming in and their ADORABLE sound as well as eating! They come back about once an hour. Filmed via iPhone XS at 1080p 240fps slo-mo & slightly overexposed to bring out their blues & greens.


Definitely the best possible (ab)use of an embroidery machine.

Of course the blog is mostly "go read what I said on Mastodon" so 🤷‍♀️

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