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Greetings to all the new people! I have been here awhile but don’t have an post so: most of my these days is made with my sewing robot, a RPi-connected embroidery machine that I do unconventional things with, like make plushies and fabric (with a bias). I post a lot (like, a LOT) about process and mistakes, including what I’m learning as I run my new Etsy shop. I live in South Jersey, just across the Delaware from , am a mom, and I have .

... may have ordered some fuschia for BLINDINGLY PINK DRAGONS. And also teal, which might lead to a fancy velvet fairy dragon now that I think about it. (Although I could make those wings in any colors.)

So I spent the day organizing shelves to get things cleared out because it looks like we're moving back to Kansas and so the landlord would like to start showing the place to prospective tenants soonish. Gotta start getting rid of stuff we don't want to haul halfway across the country.

... so I ordered more fabric.

(Look, the velvet I've been using is not gonna be carried anymore, I gotta hoard a little until I find another brand that works.)

I mean, the plush dragons could be made from that except they need to be larger to be turn-able. Which either means sewing them on the conventional machine, or buying a larger-format embroidery machine.

(Which, there's a Brother BAS-416 on Craigslist for $750 that is really really tempting... 20yo commercial-style beast, takes floppy discs, probably not all of its nine(!) needles work but it can do 12x18 compared to my little 5x7 🤤.)

I really do need to work on more types of dragons that use that kind of fabric, or else stop acquiring them every time they show up as remnants...

putting the deviant in deviantArt 

Oh huh, the Purple Veil got awarded a Daily Deviation a few days ago.

🆒, I guess. (Clearly I don't pay enough attention to dA.)

One of the embroidery sites had a free-with-order design and I'm like okay, cute, maybe I could put it on something for my father-in-l...HOW BIG *IS* THAT SNOWMAN?!

Oh fun, this website has a whole article on the Kansas City Star's quilt blocks:

Fun fact: when the iPad takes a square Instagram picture, it saves the whole rectangle. I should probably remember this and keep the mess out of the *whole* frame.

Anyway: at some point I acquired (from garage-saling MIL, I think) a rusty old toolbox, containing a bunch of clippings from 1930's Kansas City Stars and a few related things like a couple of "Kaumagraph" hot-iron transfers. I don't quilt, so I think I'll take this to a FLQS and see if they can find it a good home.

Look I'm not saying I didn't get enough sleep, but I just removed a clip from a dragon wing I'm putting together and bumped all the layers of fabric out of place and stood there trying to remember what I was reaching for...

... and realized I was looking for the keyboard so I could ctrl-Z.

Pinterest literally says it recommended it because of my "Dragons" board. No, Pinterest, that is not why.

TFW a person you follow on Pinterest had to put her elderly dog down and now all you see in your recommendations is dog angel statues and whatnot and it really raises some questions about Pinterest's algo. And about privacy - to be clear I'm not following whatever board she's pinning pet memorial stuff on.

Teal dragon! The teal is basically a darker version of seafoam so I think the baby dragons will be two-tone.

Pair of these'll go in the Etsy shop tomorrow.

I blogged it this time so if you don't want all the pedantic scissors details you will not have to sit through an eight-post thread:

The scissors from my worktable (minus the MISSING PAIR). Believe it or not I have a box for scissors I don't regularly use. (It contains the electric scissors I should just get rid of, another pair of embroidery snips, pinking shears, and a second Gingher shears I inherited from Mom.)

(In my defense, it'll be awhile before I get the standing dragon design out there. Starting with the beanies because they're flat-sewn, and I am only halfway through the first tutorial draft anyway.)

Me: Gonna start selling designs instead of minky dragons themselves.

Also me: restocking minky and NEW COLOR!!!!1!

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