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ok..ok ok...i didn't know this was a thing but: because why not.

HEY. My name's Sigi. I'm a trans guy (he/him) with a side of NB, and I'm gay as hell. I've been a comic colorist for nearly 3 years now but I'm actually in the middle of trying to find a way out of that. Freelance life ain't the life for me (also comics is rife with Issues but thats a different post) SO I'm an aspiring graphic/ UI designer! Who draws.

I'm getting back into finding my drawing voice as of this year as I shoved it to the side and made my art and art identity all about being a colorist and nothing else BUT I like weird shit, anime shit, and shit with dark religious themes and gay shit and that'll sum up everything I write as well lmao.

Anyway THAT'S THE BASICS OF ME, I'm on tumblr @ and s-iron.deviantart, sigironmonger on instagram and the bird site!

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Tomorrow is my last comic page y'all. LAST ONE. LAST!!!!!

y'all......I am so close to being free from this comic i'mmmmmm *clenches fist* oooh close to being finished with these color pages and yet so far away...

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Gentle reminder that it's okay to go to sleep when you're tired. It doesn't make you lazy or mean that you aren't committed to your job, schoolwork, or whatever else compels you to stay awake.
Getting enough sleep is a responsible thing to do, and necessary for the health of your flesh-body.

Sometimes momentarily giving up is the right choice to make, especially if you're really pushing your limits and there is nothing wrong about that. Everyone needs a breather sometimes

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ive got other favs but i won't spam em all here BUT HERE'S PROBABLY MY MOST FAVORITE alright now i gotta work


HEY. My favorite band, IAMX just released a new album and I'M REALLY HYPED UP why do i have to work what do I do with this energy

My grumpy rat lad from , Aeirenn! I see a lot of asura necromancers in game so he's another to join the ranks of the small, angry hellraisers.

i think the comic gods are trying to punish me for wanting to escape.
It's like 98% likely I will have to re-color 7 pages. Could be worse but...god/damn/