ive been doing little cat redraws over on the birdsite for practice with eyeballing colours and poses

this one had a cucumber 10/10

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cw: spider pokemon, direct gaze 

finished up flats on my sassy spider son, Lin the Galvantula

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me in bed avoiding my silly little tasks (doodle based off a cat photo from twitter lol)

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spoilers: P4S boss from #FFXIV (online game) 

we are very mature raiders

are open! This is my only form of income. I've been out of work for two years due to medical issues. I can't physically work the jobs I used to.
Can do simpler pieces if prices are too steep. I just want to make enough for my bills and groceries for my mom and I. I work for $15 USD/hr, my average pieces sell for $30-60 if it's simple. DM me if you're interested! I accept PayPal and Venmo - currency is US dollars. 50% due up front or upon initial sketch approval.


Hey guys!! Opening some pwyw sketches because I am really really really broke right now and do not have the spoons to do bigger things πŸ˜” πŸ’¦

More $$$ means I'll spend more time on the piece, but I can't guarantee color or anything super polished!

More info in thread, :boost: appreciated!


#art of a lady with a bikini top! 

gift sketch for my friends GTA RP characters!

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πŸ–ŒοΈπŸ“œC0MM1SS10N SHEETπŸ“œπŸ–ŒοΈ

πŸ” & ❀️ super appreciated!

Might as well post it here <3

Send an email to artofjya@gmail.com or DM me on Twitter!

a birthday pic for a good buddy of mine amisometimes!! we always joke that i'm the resident furry of her community and i hand out people's gov't issued fursonas, so i finally made one for her lmao

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Just a lizard spy doing spy things.
Inteleon is growing on me super quickly so a fanart is needed to celebrate that πŸ˜‚

Hello I’m a young artist who likes to draw characters in a semi realistic style… most of the time xD I made this one 2 years ago so There’s a lot of mistakes T.T anyway Happy to be here !

a redraw of one of my oldest digital artworks, my precious faerie bori Weoki! the original piece was done in 2006!

Β« Β»

(sorry, re-drafted to fix the hashtag for screen readers!!)

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i cleaned up my a bit to include some extra stuff like uh membership tiers i guess HAHAHA scary

also all tips come with a free doodlydoo now!! come get one for a couple bucks, i'd love to draw for you!


please follow my bestie @ryoukishi, they draw great pokemon and fandom art and my partner in crime for my art roleplay game project!! :artpeek:

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