@shugmonkey I'm in love with that first one — a little bit Heinz Edelman, a little bit Peter Max.

I was a huge fan of that stuff as a young kid in the 1960s, first teaching myself to draw. Lots of Jack Kirby, Chuck Jones, and THIS:

@flugennock 110% the influence in what I did today. I was reading about the UFO club in 1967 (Pink Floyd etc) and am learning the guitar recently so wanted to do some doodles. All this is part of it and the seconded one has a hint of lat 60s fashion illustration influence about it. Great stuff.

@shugmonkey I'm still a huge fan of that style; got seriously into it in high school when I started drawing for/editing the yearbook and student newspaper. Discovered early 20th Art Nouveau, and that Peter Max was also a huge Alphonse Mucha fan.

@flugennock Art Nouveau and Art Deco are a huge influence on my main work from the very start. ✍️ 👍

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