✍️ 1970's vampire characters for a role playing group based in California, USA.

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slight bodyhorror artwork (multiple eyes, tentalces) 

If you check the second image, the original from his.broken.art (on Instagram) you will understand why I had to try my hand at it "draw this in your style" challenge. Watercolors are usually my medium of choice, but for this one I had to try out color pencils again. :)

🎧 🐱 🎹 Another experimental track I made today. It's in 5/8 time sig and recorded to a 1978 Marantz tape deck. "Slim City Blues"

🎹 🎧 🙀 Made an experimental tune this morning. It's in 7/8 time sig. Uses some EVP recordings and recorded to a 1970s tape deck.

Got a mint condition 1978 Superscope Marantz Pro Cassette Recorder. Playing my tune from the internal speakers here.

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