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Ok, time to stop looking at art online and go write my essay :') Which luckily is about art, I'd just rather be making it than writing about it

I started that last night because someone in my building is moving out and left a ton of free stuff, including 3 canvases of that size! Not sure what I'll do with the other 2 yet, maybe a triad series of animals I look to for inspiration? I also snagged a SICK knife set and some other kitchen goodies

It's amazing how productive I can be with art when I have a non-art deadline approaching :') painting I'm still sketching out. An ode to coyote! Who has taught me many things about thriving in the city when you're a creature of the wild.

The sounds really fun! I think I will join in, even though it's going to be a very busy month with finals for the first half.

Hey painters, illustrators, doodlers, artists of all kind!
D Day minus 2 for the May #dailysketchchallenge.
Prepare yourself!

Reminder: Repairing and re-purposing stuff you've got instead of buying new stuff is punk as fuck and helps fight capitalism

Interesting, seems like my posts from the app I'm trying(mastolab) are compressing the images significantly more than when posting from desktop. Not sure if that is because of the app itself or what!

Have some inspirational plant photos I took while visiting la few months ago. Shhh I'm totally not procrstinating on my homework right now

I think my least favorite thing about art school is having to focus on papers when you want to be making art :') today I need to write 10 pages of a rough draft and I'm procrastinating hard!

Can anyone recommend me a good instance for posting furry art? I'll still post/share the best pieces here as I don't believe in separating myself from that part of my practice but I'd like a more content-specific location for most of it. I don't have much time for fandom art lately but it definitely is still an interest of mine

Here is some stuff from when I attempted but didn't make it past day 8 because of life reasons :P Still it was a fun challenge I hope to complete this year.

Alright I think I will try one of these introduction posts I am seeing! Hi I am Briar, but you can call me Shrimp. I use they/them pronouns!

I live in Oregon and I go to school for sculpture currently. My professional background is in prop and costume work for film but right now I am mostly making art about ecology, for class or for fun.

I also post on instagram

Whoops hello I am brand new to mastodon and have no idea what I am doing, have an art I made today


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