My thesis class is having a potluck today so I made a pie! Strawberry rhubarb, the crust is good but not my best since I made this one vegan to accommodate classmates

Ziiiiiiiines, I can't believe I made a full color 8 page zine in 2 days, wheeze, it sure is finals

Talking about my good pal urban coyote and how us wild animals can learn to thrive in the big city ;P

Everything is terrible right now because I've been in research paper hell for the last week straight and it's still not done and due tonight!!!

But at least I look good today, these pants are the first pair I've tried making and while they're a bit too big I love wearing them

I started that last night because someone in my building is moving out and left a ton of free stuff, including 3 canvases of that size! Not sure what I'll do with the other 2 yet, maybe a triad series of animals I look to for inspiration? I also snagged a SICK knife set and some other kitchen goodies

It's amazing how productive I can be with art when I have a non-art deadline approaching :') painting I'm still sketching out. An ode to coyote! Who has taught me many things about thriving in the city when you're a creature of the wild.

Have some inspirational plant photos I took while visiting la few months ago. Shhh I'm totally not procrstinating on my homework right now

Here is some stuff from when I attempted but didn't make it past day 8 because of life reasons :P Still it was a fun challenge I hope to complete this year.

Alright I think I will try one of these introduction posts I am seeing! Hi I am Briar, but you can call me Shrimp. I use they/them pronouns!

I live in Oregon and I go to school for sculpture currently. My professional background is in prop and costume work for film but right now I am mostly making art about ecology, for class or for fun.

I also post on instagram

Whoops hello I am brand new to mastodon and have no idea what I am doing, have an art I made today


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