Everything is terrible right now because I've been in research paper hell for the last week straight and it's still not done and due tonight!!!

But at least I look good today, these pants are the first pair I've tried making and while they're a bit too big I love wearing them

@shrimp They do look a little on the long side, but I think that can sometimes be a good thing. Do you have an elastic in the waistband, or just the drawstring?

@JigmeDatse Yeah haha I have been thinking about giving them to my mother who is a bit taller than me! It's just the drawstring, I'd like to try elastic sometime though. I'm learning crochet and thought it would be fun to crochet the drawstring but since this makes it stretchy I have to tie it in a bow so it isn't super long, whoops! Will use a different stitch in the future if I do that again

@shrimp Hey, it's all really cool. I kind of am working on some of this stuff myself. And I really haven't done much in the past, and lately all I have been doing has been repairs.

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