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Alright I think I will try one of these introduction posts I am seeing! Hi I am Briar, but you can call me Shrimp. I use they/them pronouns!

I live in Oregon and I go to school for sculpture currently. My professional background is in prop and costume work for film but right now I am mostly making art about ecology, for class or for fun.

I also post on instagram

imagery of injury (minor) 

Ok I graduated college so I have time for social media again. Time some art!

My thesis class is having a potluck today so I made a pie! Strawberry rhubarb, the crust is good but not my best since I made this one vegan to accommodate classmates

Ziiiiiiiines, I can't believe I made a full color 8 page zine in 2 days, wheeze, it sure is finals

Talking about my good pal urban coyote and how us wild animals can learn to thrive in the big city ;P

Anyway I'm getting very close to finishing the written parts of my finals so hopefully I can get back to posting art soon!!! Hoping to catch up on the in between projects, the work being put out so far has been great!

Eternally baffled by people who use the dictionary as a way to invalidate language(ie:discrediting singular they pronouns) as if it's some sacred text humanity came into the world with and had to look to in order to form language.

I wish I was faster at reading and writing. When I'm really interested in something it flys by the structure of an academic research paper is purgatory for my ADHD brain. 15 perfectly formatted pages about a topic I'm not into is not what I came to school to learn how to make

Everything is terrible right now because I've been in research paper hell for the last week straight and it's still not done and due tonight!!!

But at least I look good today, these pants are the first pair I've tried making and while they're a bit too big I love wearing them

Peeks at some of the extra illustrations I did for "liminal spaces", my haunting themed zine

Finished up the pdf for print, now onto the web version (with added extras like work in progress gifs)

Please be gentle with yourself as you create things. Stretch, drink water, breathe, take breaks. I'm trying to remind myself everyday that even if I am going and have to go slow with art, it's always progress regardless.

fun fact: as ungulates, each fully grown adult deer has at least two eyes!

this is the OC i've been using for my icon lately btw. still really enamored with them and have absolutely been vibing with 'plastic-eating mute full of magnets, ball bearings, and black sludge'. tbh, i want to make a slightly different smaller version of them to use as a sona.................................

An addition to the last...retoot? boost? I think you're always good enough and always ready, if you're open to accepting your current skill level and doing the research on methods you're unfamiliar with.

If you accept that your at is the way it is now and learn to love the act of making it, you can enjoy what you make while actively striving for improvement

Something I'm delighted to discover at this point in my art development:

Being "good enough" does exist, and being "ready" for something you're working yourself up to talking is possible, but you can only arrive to those points if you truly invest in making all your mistakes as early and plentifully as possible. As the saying goes: fail early and fail often.

Not open for commissions quiet yet but can someone have a look at my commission guide and see if it is reading clearly?

Dreaming: Sol

The sun rises, hot and powerful.

This piece has been at different phases of progress over late 2017, leading to another image in the Dreaming Series. I have been wanting to do a detailed horse Dreaming piece.

So done with this monster of a thing. I don't know when to stop sometimes with the details and the horrible thing was that I wanted to add more (;--;)

Putting full wips of drawings like this over on my patreon!

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