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hello everyone! Ill reintroduce myself since this is a new instance for me! I'm shmoo and i'm an 18 year old artist. I love fan art and also creating my own characters for a webcomic i'm trying to create. I'm looking forward to linking up with other artists! Here are some of my drawings

hey lads im @ shmoopear on tik tok doing random stuff if u wanna see my dumb face and dumber antics

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Hi, I'm Myrkky. I'm a digital artist from Finland. I love to draw and especially enjoy doing fanart, most of which will be #Sterek and #HarryPotter

You can also find me on:

πŸ‘ PillowFort πŸ‘

πŸ‘ Tumblr πŸ‘

πŸ‘ Twitter πŸ‘

πŸ‘ Ko-fi πŸ‘

joined a Care Bears contest on if you could pwease vote for me :3

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anyway......lesbians and bi women are the best.........wlw please interact.....

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@ my mutuals lets be mutuals on Twitter/tumblr/Ig or whatever yall have just lmk cause im not on here as much as some other platforms

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I've made a ko-fi! It's going to be mainly used as a tip jar but I have thought about doing kofi sketches in the future. I'll give a heads up if I do that though!

so um.... zendaya liked that spiderman comic i posted on twitter..... she actually liked it......

two people took that spiderman comic off my tumblr and put it on twitter and thousands of people retweeted and liked it from their accounts......... they didnt ask permission or anything. reposting art is harmful

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if theres one thing that mastodon has done for me, its expose me to good art that inspires me to draw.

theres nothing quite like this community, and im SO happy im here in the presence of so many creators with varying styles and content. ❀️

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It's been a hot minute, sorry for going quiet! Have some art. I doodled my dragonsona, Mars.

i need 9 more followers then no one else can follow me

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