Just Another Day In Moldova—that's going to be my focus, second only to exams I have next week.
Coming on February 14 in a PDF file near you :]

Reminder that anonymous imageboards hate anything and everything :/
Also got banned on 4chan even though I didn't post anything worth a ban
Anyway here's Gabi and Larissa having a moment

Art trade with someone on 4chong :]
If you want to trade, do hit me up—my goal is 100 of them in a year!

Ah, Larissa, gotta say she'd be my dream girl... Apart from breasts which aren't important, just the fact that she's caring enough

Actually I'm getting mixed receptions from this message...

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I'm creating fullbody references of my characters, first up is my fave boy, Gabriel a.k.a. Gabi :]

Off-topic I imagine but I rly rly wish I had someone call me a "good boy" or somethin

Here's is my preview for the artwork I contributed to the Kingdom Hearts: Hearts for the Holidays Zine! It was a lot of fun to make! :)

Preorders for the physical and digital copies of the zine are now on sale until Jan 15th! There are also some cute merch available in the bundles. Be sure to check them out at khholidayzine.bigcartel.com/ !


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