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I didn't get the full time job where I am so I will be out of work on the 23rd of June. If I could get some commissions in the meantime till I find another job that would be awesome. @ me or email me at for prices and info... I am okay with doing nudity I just can't upload that rn as I am at work ^^;

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I really want to get better so DON'T BE AFRAID TO TELL ME WHAT'S F*ED UP ABOUT MY ART PLEASE <3

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I'm a 23 yo mamma with a 11 month old who draws in her spare time. Wanting to get back into it but super busy until I graduate this weekend! I've been drawing since I was about 12, and am a super nerd so, if it's even a tiny bit nerdy I have probably done it or know about it! I'm very excited to be here and am looking forward to chillin with you all!

Is it bad that every waking moment I seem to be doing something art related ^^;

Updated version of a drawing I did for a friend on DeviantART. It's not perfect, but I am still really proud of it. I am getting better and moving forward!

I really wish I could just go home and do da art

I'm gunna try and stream tonight but with a sick baby, no promises :/

Baby has had a high temp all week and has been sick and we don't know why 😒 we know it's not strep, and the doctor thought it was an ear infection but she's not getting any better really 😒😒😒

I stayed home with the baby today cause we were at the ER last night till 1am, and I got to draw and art for 80% of the day. It was fantastic!

Been at the er with the baby for the last 5 hours πŸ˜‚

Character Trade with a friend from Deviantart. Not really happy how the colors turned out but I love how I drew him.
Character is owned by Imaginary-Alchemist on Deviantart.

This does not happen when I use my track pad. Just my tablet.

I'm also having a really hard time trying to figure out how to play sound on obs. Nothing has worked so far. I've given up for today but I will be trying again tomorrow!

I am trying to use currently and the program is reacting weird when I draw on it?

I don't boost posts that don't have some sort of descriptions for the images ❀️

I'm gunna eat some food then stream 😁