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I really want to get better so DON'T BE AFRAID TO TELL ME WHAT'S F*ED UP ABOUT MY ART PLEASE <3

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I'm a 23 yo mamma with a 11 month old who draws in her spare time. Wanting to get back into it but super busy until I graduate this weekend! I've been drawing since I was about 12, and am a super nerd so, if it's even a tiny bit nerdy I have probably done it or know about it! I'm very excited to be here and am looking forward to chillin with you all!

Working with some local businesses to show case my art 😁

I feel like my dream of being a freelance artist full time isn't within my reach, and never will be, but I have to tell myself that this won't happen over night. I can do this! 😀

Here's my coffee peice so far, I'm really excited with how it's going to turn out 😁

You know, if they asked me, I'd tell them you'd be unable to pull off day 13. Because that's what they would expect me to say. But deep inside, I have FAITH in you all.

After talking it over with ma fam, I'm gunna be saving up to get a table for next year (Sept 2019)! To help me, tell me some things you'd guys like to see from me 😁

When you pay off your shitty exes car loan and your credit score goes up by 100 points

Long time no see guys! I was super busy this last week.
Here's a trade I did with someone on DeviantArt

If you want a real look into Parenthood watch Ali Wong hard knock wife, I swear to God I almost died tonight

When Walmart has no hiking shoes that could work for women (either women styles or smaller men's styles).

After the day I've had, I'm just gunna go home, relax, grab a booze and draw

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