heyyy mastodon. i've felt such a disconnect from my art in the past (almost) decade.... social media, this, that, whatever, etc. been missing that raw art community feeling. a few years ago I didn't really get that sentiment (still wouldn't go back, times change!), but the more I analyze my "improvement"... i've been trapped in some kinda "algorithm shell" hardcore. maan, and for what? a couple retweets and a stagnant style? i wanna enjoy myself for real again. soon! anyway, here's some sketches

more commission progress, i dig how this tracksuit thing is turning out

hey! i’m doing some $10 sketch commissions! b&w busts!

hit up my dms or fill out this form on my site if you’re interested :~) + rts always appreciated!


sup! I wanna do more portrait commissions this summer :~) they're $35 and full of 1) color 2) texture 3) luv :v)
if you're interested, fershure check out this form on my site ☞ (link: sherm.link/com) sherm.link/com☜
rts always appreciated too! ty

psst...my shop is back! on etsy now :~) i got copies of my comic, sketchbook, and stickerzzz - check it out! etsy.com/shop/shermmm?ele=shop

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