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Hey, everyone! I work as a senior 2D artist at a mobile games company by day where I work on concept art, animation, art assets, etc.

In my spare time, I run the all-female art group Tequila Tea Party where we encourage each other to create art outside of work and participate in local conventions.

I work primarily with digital art but have slowly been transitioning to doing more work in traditional media.

You can also find me at the following links:
- Facebook: artofshellysoneja
- twitter: shellysoneja
- instagram: artofshellysoneja
- behance:

It's been a long time since I was here last! I'm currently working on a personal project with my art group which we'll reveal later in the year. Here's a teaser of my current piece. Hope everyone's doing great! I should get back to being more active here.

Spent the past few days giving the studio a thorough cleaning. Emptied it out, wiped down the walls and furniture, brought in the new bookshelf, and now starting to organize and bring everything back in again.

Back to posting my pieces!

Dalikmata is the many-eyed Visayan Goddess of the Eyes and Visions. Her tears (the morning dew) were considered healing salves for those who had eye diseases. Her familiars included the butterfly upon which she placed some of her eyes to watch over people during the day, while a sacred owl watches over them at night. She also has the power to see the past, present and future.

Kickstarted one of J.A.W. Cooper's art book months back and all the goodies finally arrived! Included with the book are prints, postcards, and a lovely frog enamel pin. 😍

Just had our company Christmas party yesterday. There MAY be a video floating around of the ladies and I singing Spice Girls songs on karaoke. πŸ˜†

Holy Ship! My team and I at Altitude Games have been (and are currently still) working hard on this game and finally, you can give it a try!

Set sail with an adorable and quirky crew of animal pirates, collect treasure, upgrade your ship, and fight epic bosses! This game is in Early Access/Open Beta so it's still in development - perfect time for you to leave us your feedback. 😁

We teamed up with Big Fish Games as our publisher to make this happen!

The 2D art team and I worked on concept art for the maps/BGs, characters, and ships; UI art/icons; textures and turnarounds for 3D models.

Available on Google Play here:

Taking a break from posting my Inktober pieces, here's something colored for a change! Made these stickers to accompany my Absinthe/Green Fairy artwork:

"Lidagat, Goddess of the Sea"

The only daughter of Magwayen. Fishermen prayed to her for a bountiful catch, sailors for a calm and peaceful voyage. Her depictions vary with some accounts saying she looked like a mermaid while others saying she had a body of water with the ocean waves for hair. It was her death that made her mother, Magwayen, give up her duties of the sea to become a ferrywoman of the dead just so she could be close to Lidagat's soul.

"Lisuga, Visayan Deity of the Stars"

She had a body made of sparkly silver. When she was killed by her grandfather, the Supreme God Kaptan, she shattered into thousands of shards. These shards then became the stars in the night sky. Some also say that Kaptan, out of regret and remorse, took one of these shards and planted it. Out of this sprang the first Man and Woman. An interesting take on the phrase "We are made of star stuff." ✨⭐✨

"Magwayen, Visayan Goddess of the Underworld"

When her daughter, Lidagat, died of a broken heart, Magwayen abandoned her duties as a Sea Goddess and traveled to the Underworld to be with her. She eventually became the ferrywoman of the dead.

Advice on breaking into commercial illustration. 

In case you're wondering how to add an instance's feed to a separate timeline in your Tootdon app, here are the steps:

Oh, hey! For those looking to expand their knowledge, Udemy is having a sale on all their courses for just $10 each! They have art courses too. Can anyone vouch for Udemy? Is it worth trying out?

"Diwata in Acacia"

Diwata are fairies/guardian spirits of nature in Philippine folklore that are said to typically reside in large trees like the Balete or Acacia. They are fair and/or golden-skinned, beautiful, and ageless with no philtrum above their upper lip.

Like and ? Then this kickstarter is for you!
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Another piece for all of you!

The White Lady: The long-haired ghost of a woman in a white dress who met a tragic end. Stories around the Philippines vary, but the most popular White Lady is the one that has been spotted along Balete Drive by cab drivers. Sometimes she would appear in their rear-view mirrors, giving drivers a fright, and causing accidents on the road.

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