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Hello Mastodon! Trying this out for the first time!

I'm Shelbzlblack. I'm a set designer by day and web comic artist by night.

You can read my passion project Until Observed on Webtoon CANVAS.

Started this sketch out clean, but got messier as it went on. It’s more fun to draw Sailor Moon’s hair messy anyways. ✨💫🌙

Done as much packing as I can today. Time to download and sketch with a bunch of CSP brushes I don’t need.

New sound effect pens! ❤️. Might retire the calligraphy pen.

‪I figured out how to import my character models into Twinmotion! This is such a relief. No more spending hours trying to figure out angles and photo bashing Clipstudio models on top of images!!!‬

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