If you face it off against another machete-wielding plant then crown shyness principles dictate that they evade each other.


My six year-old daughter has just coined a perfect phrase to describe what I do:

"filling noise with space"

Atlanta S04E01

about to drop my new project this week, feeling pretty seen 0_o

This bowerbird is welcome to a release on Every Contact Leaves a Trace once it's learned to mimic XLR cables being unplugged.

Monday 19th September 2022 will go down in history as the day we came together to make a collective statement that was more than the sum of its parts.

Chromecast glitch - so beautiful it should be an official setting. Making the unwatchable watchable.

'A Sunday on La Grande Jatte', Georges Seurat - subjected to Pixel's Magic Eraser, first automatic identification and removal of people (an improvement, de-clutters the centre, framing is better), then manual erasure of the whole. Never understood why people like this painting.

More blow pen pictures from the birthday party crew. These were the practice pics.

We gave blow pens, mini canvasses and masking tape to all the kids who came to my six year-old's birthday party yesterday. These are some of the results. All cheap at Tiger at the moment!

Hilariously failed to get my new material ready in time for Bandcamp Day yesterday because I was making this for the accompanying pdf. It'll be next week now.

Corbett vs Dempsey continue the gods' work of reissuing Reichel's solo guitar records. Music doesn't get better than this.



Got sucked into making new pieces for this one - a fresh idea in the same vein that I had to make. Almost finished though. Maybe.

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