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i should outta keep up with mastodon. anyway... heres a psyche

would any mutuals be down for an oc art trade?

had this oc since high school. still don't know how i want her to look.

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or even years, i suppose. well whoops.

i feel guilty for not draw some ocs for months on end.. i just have favorites among them aha

school is kicking my butt

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Hello! I'm now open for ! Most details are included in the images below, but please visit my website for more information. You can also DM me with questions! I have *4* slots available, but if I receive a particularly large commission I will close early.

Boosts appreciated, thank you!

✨ KO-FI:

but it's never too late to start aha. like literally u can just start taking selfies of yourself and begin practicing with those... only wished i thought of doing studies sooner.

i wish i was more serious about doing art studies when i was a teenager... i'm only just getting into it now and i'm seeing a huuuuge difference in my art...

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im opening two (2) slots for pixel commissions at the moment! \0/
✨commission form here: