short animation I did with pepper and carrot comic characters @davidrevoy @Krita

@julloyart @ScribbleAddict yes. It does look a lot like tweetdeck which I like the UI of

@ScribbleAddict I think I would get confused on what website I was on if I used this. I use twitter a lot too

@ScribbleAddict I think that looks right for me...with the I and E flipping. I haven't taken it in a while

@ScribbleAddict @julloyart I usually flip between "I" and "E". I think I have heard those called "ambiverts"

@julloyart ohh! I didn't know you could do that. I will have to try that

@julloyart nice. I kind of wish you could upload a picture for a bio description. This would be perfect. I would probably do something similar like this

@ScribbleAddict you have a lot more blind faith than I do when it comes to that

@davidrevoy is that just a ballpoint pen. I was trying to do inking with a ball point pen and had a hard time varying the line weight


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