To have a first artsy piece on here as well, I'm uploading my drawing I did last week. It describes me somewhat well, so who wishes to follow me, has an idea of me :)

@julloyart I like cats! And I'm an ENFP which isn't too far off from INFP from what I've read. :) I'm Gryffindor, though so a bit different there. But I love the other houses as well.


@ScribbleAddict @julloyart I usually flip between "I" and "E". I think I have heard those called "ambiverts"

@scottpetrovic @julloyart That happens to me too! I have even scored "I" on the test instead of "E" before.

@scottpetrovic @ScribbleAddict I might be switching between those two as well, I can nevery remember which one I am :D I actually kinda forgot that I put it on this drawing :P

@julloyart @scottpetrovic Well it's likely we're pretty similar then :D

Scott, are you ENFP too, or have you taken the test before?

@ScribbleAddict I think that looks right for me...with the I and E flipping. I haven't taken it in a while

@scottpetrovic Well cool :) The more the merrier haha. But yeah, some days I want to be out around people without stopping. Other days I want to hide in a cave 😂

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