another interesting (for now) instance, this time for creative coding / visualization people. :)


If you’re into data, visualization, creative coding, or related arts and research, you may be interested in my new 🐘 instance:

Cuddle coin. Mining coin through cuddles.


Monologue boxes.

heck yeah I'm an artist 


Hey data and visualization folks: How would you feel about a data + vis Mastodon instance with a focus on sharing, critiquing, and helping with work?

I've explained in more detail over on the Twitter poll thread:

Why the f is the TLD priced at $11,200.00 per year? What possible use could anyone have for that? 💾 👶

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Just another Friday night domain registration binge 🌐 🛒

*i open a website*

*it gives me a small electric shock*

ah i love the static web

Fellow Portland OR folks, please note that there's a rally happening on 1/14 to push for municipal broadband in PDX. A municipal solution can help us protect net neutrality and put users first.

If this is an approach you support, the event details are over on FB (no account required to view):

I'll be there :)

Look out, because I'm about to tell you 

Something you wouldn't have known otherwise!

your pineapple delivery 


Have you taken a moment to breathe in the last hour?

If you use software to produce visual work (you do), please read this important piece:

What Android app would you recommend for someone new to Mastodon and a bit overwhelmed? (Me!) Top choices at the moment are Tootdon and Mastalab:

@datatitian Hi, Will! I just checked out — how cool. There is a whole new universe in Mastodon here, it seems. :)


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