@foervraengd i have waaaaay too many notebooks too, so im on a "2 out 1 in" personal mandate now lmao

@foervraengd though i say this when ironically my favorite notebook these days is like... a plain cream colored a5 one that is about as un-aesthetic as you can get

@foervraengd yeah same, like i like things that look nice when possible and it makes it legitimately hard to dig through to find the good shit sometimes

I'm having a bit of a nostalgia moment, and I've been wondering: has anyone else here heard of Hit'n'Hide?

I heard of them when I was a kid, because my friend had this bootleg CD that had them labelled as Aqua, and we believed it was Aqua's second album.

Took me quite a while to realize they were a separate band, haha. Honestly, I like them more than Aqua... so if you feel like listening to some 00s Eurodance fit for the summer, I think they're perfect. :)


@foervraengd much like Divoom's $90 "pixel" speaker, it's big "aesthetic over quality" thing that is a tale as old as time

@foervraengd theres like a whole host of shops like it that target young women who are into "aesthetic" journaling and studygram type stuff

its mindboggling because you can get books like theirs on aliexpress for like half the price if someone is really into "BuJo" stuff

somehow still conscious after maybe 2 hours of sleep lmao, im gonna crash so hard later

@foervraengd and im guessing UK/EU probably can access much better products for cheaper too imho that just might not be Insta Kawaii Desu

@foervraengd here's the video i found youtube.com/watch?v=Bj2bfXTiUU

pretty much everyone else like, worships their stuff and like the journals arent TERRIBLE but the service is......... so bad. for some people outside of the US i understand if its their only option but in the US... there's way better alternatives imo that are also ~~~*Aesthetic*~~~

@foervraengd They are just a terribly inconsistent company that sells a lot of dropshipped items for sometimes up to a 500% markup, and their customer service and ship times are abysmal.

Digital oil painting. Abstract.

I am fascinated by the digitally coloured photos of galaxies, nebulae and the interstellar medium.

I am also interested in the way the human brain tries to make physical objects out of patterns in clouds.

This is an experiment into both of these.

i wonder if i could get my mom to start journaling with me

finally stumbled across video that acknowledged that Notebook Therapy is a heaping trash fire, but they had to disable comments because people were harassing them -___-

@welshpixie its my 2nd booster and its not (so far) as bad as the first, where i was violently shaking for about 8 hours but i still feel like garrrrbage

hopefully its cleared out by monday-tuesday

it would be great if the government did like,


about covid so it wasnt just "normal everyday life" cause after this i dont think i can keep getting these vaccinations

l;ike iuf boosters become yearly thing like, i *cannot* do that

went to bed 2.5 hours ago and now im up again cause i feel like utter shit and its 4am .___.

@lapis not to be a bad influence but kawaiipenshop is having a memorial day sale kawaiipenshop.com/

as is washitapeshop thewashitapeshop.com/

@extinct the great thing about morbius is that he was a fuckboy that existed long before leto and is just ripe for mockery

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