Paid for my last appt, haven't gotten a refund for it yet even tho they couldn't see me at the time

Paid for this one and he won't give me a stimulant even though they made the appt with me

Both Guessthe.Game and the Framed answers for today were, as the Aussies say, Too Easy.

My presentation is soooo bad but I don’t think I’ve made onigiri in like 5-6 years

someone im mufos with on twitter where i have "himbo" in my display proceeded to go on a rant about how "himbo" is misogynist and everyone who uses it is bad and im just

I have a ko-fi and right now the monthly membership for anyone is minimum $1 a month for work in progress shots and sketchbook stuff. It's a bit light on content but in March I had elbow surgery.

Also working on content for the shop and maybe even different tiers for it long term :0

me trying to explain how to attach an image to an email on android to a woman in her 70s
(img source:

Belated birthday today (like weeks belated) with family, I forgot my pinata but we are gonna have fajitas and still have some cascarones.

Decided to do something I saw in a jetpens list of uses for empty notebooks and I'm already having regrets

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