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Hi! I'm doing discount bust commissions because my mom was just laid off from her job and I've had like, zero luck doing full price ones :( So here's a F I R E S A L E

For $15USD you can get a soft cel shaded drawing. I draw most things including furries & animals.

If you want one shoot me an e-mail at rhyspass AT gmail DOT com or a DM here. Paypal preferred but I'm flexible.

Please boost!

@scoots I don't need a bust but perhaps we could talk about something backloggery banner/twitch offline screen sized?

@scoots I still need a Chibi or a bust of my Mahou Shoujo cat girl for my shop. To go on my banners and cards and things. ;p

@rubynekomimi I can do both! Just send me your design sketches!

@scoots All I have so far is a concept chibi sketch. I wanted her to look like Madoka style magical cat girl.

@scoots Thank you! I wanted a mascot that was a good representation of my. lol

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