So just aheads up since people here have been into it: Vero is apparently run by a fuckhead who at his previous company jsut.... didn't pay a ton of Filipino workers. Also there's only one woman in the company, and she's relagated to customer service.

They also have some VERY dodgy lines in the TOS about their rights to work posted on the site.

So maybe don't post art there out of caution. Here's a Twitter thread with sources:

@scoots I especially don't like the bit under "royalty-free" where it says about intellectual property. I'm not the best at deciphering TOS and they can often be worded to confuse ya but... everything else sounds fierce dodge OTL

@HayleyMulch Yeah it made me SUPER uncomfortable. Like there's legalese and there's "we're gonna fuck over indie creators later when they get popular by monetizing their success"

@scoots fuck that they're not gonna take my fucking IPs. I think I'll just keep it dormant a while until this backlash gets to them, and we'll hafta be bloody damn vocal about it so he won't be a prick. its a horrible shame cos, Christ amateur bugs aside, it's a very aesthetically pleasing app.

@HayleyMulch yeah from what ive seen it seems like an app that would have a lot of potential if made by almost anyone else

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