Direct subtoot but like don't even bother having an account if it's just funneling shit from Twitter and you're not using it. Nobody here wants content funnels. We want interaction and being genuine.

@scoots I really think that for a lot of people, it's all about collecting platform/site memberships like they're just badges to wear. Interaction isn't the point for them. :/



...I mean, it's all I can do to keep up with the other two spaces I post art to along with this one. I'm always falling behind and feeling bad about it. Even if I wanted 5 or 6 additional and more fashionable spaces to be in, I wouldn't be able to get much out of them. (I've accepted that my work doesn't have any mass appeal & that's just the way it is. Being on a dozen platforms instead of three isn't gonna' change that.)

@xenophora like if all people did was crossposts their own work so they don't have to manually repost it, and regularly logged in here, I wouldn't mind

But they don't need to crosspost EVERYTHING, every tweet, every RT, every quote

@scoots crossposting for original content only..

crossposting quote tweets sucks, but would make any kind of sense if mastodon embedded the toots correctly.

@shlee I hate crossposts of RTs too

Crossposts of original content doesn't bother me if the person is regularly logging in here but I wish people could/would disable crossposts of everything else

How about a sign saying:
"Every time you post a toot containing ',' a kitten loses its ninth life."

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