Hey MastoFam,

I was gonna wait til the week of my birthday (April 21) to do a post but given how rough things are rn,

All I really want for my bday is to be able to get through the next month or so financially as I'm down to my last $50 in the bank and I'd rather my husband not have to worry about that stuff while his dad is in critical care.

my paypal is
cashapp and venmo are both xenocat
and my ko-fi supports stripe

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Parental loss 

Father in law is gone. Husband is flying up there tomorrow to be with family.

After adjusting to add some money sent outside of Kofi, I'm over halfway to my goal for crowdfunding. Thank y'all so much who helped out so far and boosted, I really don't feel like I'm worth it haha but this is gonna make getting through the next few weeks much less stressful, esp why my husband is out of state helping out his mom with funeral arrangements and such.

Parental loss 

@scoots I'm so sorry, honey. All my love to you and Andrew. 🕯️

Parental loss 


Wishing them easy travel and as many happy memories as can be found.

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