Its the obligatory coin cup shake post as I need some financial help paying for an upcoming surgery!

I take commissions and donations here:

I also have Venmo and cash app, both xenocat.

The surgery total is around $700 but honestly anything will help at this point.

I feel bad asking yet again but I honestly don’t know what else to do.

(Details in following posts)

The procedure itself is an ulnar release surgery. The nerve in my elbow is pinched so I live in a constant state of horrible pain, my hand goes numb, and I’m losing my grip. I have barely slept at night the past few weeks because the pain is getting so bad I just end up passing out on the couch mid-day.

The fix is simple, just surgically reposition the nerve so it won’t be pinched by the bone anymore. Unfortunately it is very costly. Upwards of $3200, even with insurance I’m on the hook for 700

I am unemployed because I cannot work through this pain and disability has gone nowhere because I technically still have use of my hand even though I’m slowly. losing it. Husband can help with what he can but he’s already fully covering the co-pays and an upcoming dental procedure so this on top of all that is just really hard for us.

Very realistically if I don’t get this done sooner rather than later I could end up with permanent loss of use in my hand and arm, and given that my job is being an artist and everything I love revolves around being hands on… it’s a shitty place to be.

i've got about half of what i need so far :0

Waiting to hear back from the office but the surgery is probably gonna be around first week of March

@scoots :blobheart:​ !!!

put in some cash, a few days from now when the month turns over i should be able to put in the same again as well!

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