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This is ultimately not as important as some requests for money this week, but I'd like to make xmas dinner this saturday but money is tight

we are low income & my sister has a high risk pregnancy and has lost hundreds of dollars of pay to hospitalizations

I just want to make it low stress for her
venmo @xenocat
cashapp $xenocat

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sis has a severe gluten allergy and im just looking at prices of gluten free baking stuff and weeping lmao

@scoots lemme check what i can send on over

tho this may vary wildly depending on what your family's traditions are, but i totally recommend stealing my family's crimmas eats, which was in turn stolen from a nice italian couple my parents knew as newlyweds lmao: christmas lasagna

gluten-free pasta tends to not suck entire ass, you can make a big-ass tray of it, there's no juggling side dishes all coordinating to come out at once bc it's one big thing and you can just let it the cheese brown on top a little bit more if you need a couple minutes of wiggle room, and the leftovers just get better and better.

plus it seems like they make gluten-free lasagna pasta that's oven-ready, aka you just put them dry bois in there and stick it in the oven instead of having to cook the noodles and then fish them out and then bake it lol

@wigglytuffitout my sis loves gluten free pasta so i could make a penne bake or smth

our only tradition is ham but we can't afford ham this year lmao so we are just doing a potluck

@scoots fortunately with jars of sketti sauce and some oven-ready lasagna noodles, a lasagna isn't that much more work to put together than a penne bake, but might feel fancier and more festive? and also not that much more expensive, depending on if you've already got some eggs and how expensive the ricotta is. plus a nice excuse to put some ground beef into the sauce so it's a nice all-in-one meal

tbh it's force of habit here talking as well LMAO, plus a strong preference for homemade lasagna because i'm very used to my mom's heart-healthy cooking that means it is not as stodgy as frozen stouffer's lol

ten bucks isn't a ton but i hope it helps!! maybe you can have the budget to buy one of those tinfoil pans, which means nobody will have that worry about returning dishes, which is nice lolol

@wigglytuffitout oh we dont want lasagna without homemade sauce and my elbow cant do that rn lmao

we are too Sicilian

@scoots LMAO ok yes very valid. we are a horrible white as wonderbread family who stole the tradition from some actual italians. ...with their blessing mind you, but our meat sauce is a jar of sketti sauce plus some ground beef, not anything an actual italian would be proud to call a bolognese LOL

@wigglytuffitout i might ask my mom to make some pasta sauce lol..... itd be a lot easier for her than making a whole thing

@scoots oh yeah, it could be a good thing to collabo on! lasagna as two-step process lol

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