@curator Heads-up that unless you've made some modifications to mastodon, "if a post that was reported was deleted, it would still appear on the report" is not guaranteed to be true. I have definitely experienced toots I've reported disappearing from within the report view (I'm a mod so I see that view).

@curator No-one can be expected to know all references upfront (this is another reason I advocate for group moderation - less likely to miss things like this), but it's also a question of how you respond once attention is called to it.


@eldang @curator no this is the OC of Shadman that was in a drawing that has since been removed by the artist, and the image in question


@scoots @eldang

how would yall feel about having someone who posted these comments & made similar arguments to other people on your instance



@romainelaprophetesse those are very mild compared to the crap over which we already blocked that instance over a month ago. The thread you’re responding to a fragment of was the admin responding “wah, how could I have known?” after being called out for taking no action over Nazi imagery.


@romainelaprophetesse (So to answer your question more directly: if it were this instance I'd be suspending that user right now, but in this case I just feel vindicated that we did block it back then and didn't give the admin the benefit of the doubt that they were asking for)

@eldang yeah we saw the above which is fucking disgusting & have been DMing about this & it's not encouraging lmao

@romainelaprophetesse If I recall correctly, the previous incident also involved some bizarre rules lawyering to try to define some child porn as not technically child porn so they could get out of having to moderate it.

@eldang @romainelaprophetesse Yes, the rules justifying porn of drawn minors and Nazi imagery is why they were initially blocked by Elekk. I'm not surprised they have users continuing to do shit.

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