I think in light of shit going on a regarding issues in the US, we should celebrate Latinx artists 🥰 feel free to reply to this with your art (and if you're available for hire!!!) If you are a Latinx artist :) at the very least you'll get a follow from me hehe

Or if anything, your favorite historic Latinx artists if you are not an artist yourself

Don't want to shine a light on myself cause I don't feel I've earned it, but instead, I will share my great uncle! May he rest in peace.

Uncle Mario came to the US from Las Flores when he was a young man with his brother Juan (my grandfather!)

He made a living for awhile doing breathtaking matte paintings for cinema, and then relocated to Taos, NM to work on modernist art. He was also a handsome fucker. He is best known for his work on King Kong, but also worked on Citizen Kane.

@scoots That is so heckin' cool, Rhys! Thanks so much for sharing your great uncle's work!

@verityvirtue Thankyou! my grandpa was awesome too. he did matte paintings for awhile but then went on to work for NASA and his team received an award from the astronauts for their work. both Mario and my grandpa came from Mexico with very little

Neat! Do you know the name of the movie with the dinosaur?

I know there were a couple in the 20s, but I'm always on the lookout for special effects shots from that era.

@ajroach42 Creation, I think! i dont believe production ever completed but theres some nice concept art out there.

@scoots Thanks, that's really cool.

According to the wikipedia page about four minutes of the unfinished film still exist, and I found a couple of short clips on youtube.

Super neat. I appreciate you sharing.

@scoots One of my favorites, Diego Rivera - Mexican, a Jewish atheist, and a contemporary and friend of Frida Kahlo.

@scoots sd;fjds i almost didn't do this but ahhh why not, this is great, Rhys!
I'm latina born in the u.s, both my parents are from Mexico.
Sadly, I didn't have many opportunities do truly connect with my culture when I was younger due to my parents working all the time, but i really want to try and learn more about it now!

@dragonlaurita these are al great but I always love seeing that dragon and that nightborne


tbh t hey're still some of my favorite pieces
I'm glad i'm getting back into painting again bc damn I missed just making art :tialove:

@scoots probably like @jackdaw_ruiz who equally brings about the cutest things and the most horrifying.

he made our terribly cute emojos :lotalac: :lotrosa: :lotcala: :lotmuer: :vapo: :chancla: :empanada:

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