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My post is like super outdated so I'm gonna do that real quick and re-pin

I'm Rhys, & I go by Bug or Bugpaws as well. I'm trans-masc and agender, my pronouns are they/them

I primarily do digital art but also love watercolors, color pencils, & more. I've worked on illustations, lite novels, games, & comics.


You're also welcome to contact me for rates on specific pieces.

My husband and I are debating the validity of putting pizza lunchables into the microwave after assembling them.

14, lol. I know it's late, but I tried, and that's what matters.

starring my ferret, the most beautiful model. I put this in my shop as cards & other merch ( --> all proceeds will go to getting him treats <3

Halloween (2018) is the best Michael Myers film since the original. 10/10 for references to Halloween 3.

Ubuntu 18.10 "Cosmic Cuttlefish" is here :): . Congratulations to the whole #ubuntu team. ❀️ The cosmos is thanking you for all your efforts. #art #illustration #mastoart

I'm also still doing $20 user pics if anyone wants a last minute Halloween icon I can fast track those to be done ASAP.

I know overreacting on occasion is part of human nature and we all do it sometimes but I hope we can maintain a culture on the fediverse of trying to take a little time to let our thoughts cool off before putting them out there. Hot takes have never helped anyone. I say that as someone who has been burned by my own as well as others'.

twigtober 10.16 - Mender

My druid, Eleaje, as a young valiant full of hope and dreams.

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