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Hi, I have a Patreon! I am in the process of revamping it from a time it didn't get much attention but I am getting better about scheduling posts and I am working on some helpful guides like materials and methods.

I am also taking requests from Patrons in the coming weeks of mini tutorials and processes they'd like to see.

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I'm Rhys, & I go by Bug or Bugpaws as well. I'm trans-masc and agender, my pronouns are they/them

I primarily do digital art but also love watercolors, color pencils, & more. I've worked on illustrations, lite novels, games, & comics.



Commission rates:

You're also welcome to contact me for rates on specific pieces.

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absolutely importing some of those aaron blaise photoshop brushes into procreate

Everyone who can should comm @scoots They are a super good artist and just an amazing person. Here are some pieces they did for me

Aaron Blaise has a huge sale going on for classes, wildlife reference packs and brush sets at

He is an animator who has worked at Disney, and specializes in animals. He has classes for things like drawing human anatomy, wolves, and painting in photoshop for $1 each. I cannot recommend him enough.

thinking about doing 32x32 pixel commissions for those who have acnh to import into their game (i don't)

My longtime comics collaborator, Wayne R. Smith, died on 17 March in Williamsport, PA. I'm offering original art from our collaboration -- it can be yours (shipping included) if you donate to the GoFundMe for his funeral/probate fund. These pages are $100 apiece -- email me at to arrange. Some NSFW language.

today was core day! Lots of exercises focusing on abs, glutes, thighs, and general core strength.

See these videos for a bunch of different core exercises you can use:

My list coming in the next toot(s)!

Probably getting my wisdom teeth out this week whether I have the money or not, which will probably put some delays on commissions. Sorry in advance.

If you have deadlines please let me know.

Raising funds to be able to actually afford to go to the dentist for my infected wisdom tooth before it gets even worse. It’s all I want for my birthday :(

Hey Fediverse!

Do y'all have any recommendation for murder-mystery novels, crime noir style preferred, that have no cops or colonial justice system at all?

Boosts encouraged, thanks!

hey everybody! tomorrow night we will be watching the movie musical CATS at the computer fairies discord! i will start a call and streaming random whatever at 10pm UTC then start the movie once people settle in

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