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Hi, I'm Rhys! I'm a low/no income disabled artist, trans-nonbinary and live in the state of Texas.

I offer commissions here via Paypal & Stripe (though willing to accept others):

I also accept tips/donations and monthly pledges through Ko-fi as well and am working on running a mini shop through it.

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I don't always add alt text because I often do voice to text due to an ongoing disability and it's awkward adding it on mobile that way but if you ever need a description for something or want to boost it but desire alt text first, lmk, I will whip smth up as a reply to the original piece

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tl;dr have to leave my current job bc of health issues and i don't have another one lined up yet



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i sat down to draw and immeditely my brain shut down and i got exhausted lmao

I need a device that shakes paint pens like you use to shake cans of paint

"I'm done with Wandersong, it can't make me cry anymore, right?"
-fool who just bought the soundtrack

every day Junie does this. i think she thinks she's a guinea pig. both of our cats are obsessed with rhe pigs

It doesn't show up til next week but I am tentatively excited.

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Husband bought me an L pillow to help alleviate pressure on my arm while I sleep so I'm gonna have to find someone to make me a pillowcase that looks like a tetronimo :>

She wanted advice on setting up a GoFundMe to crowdfund a couple months of rent since they had to lawyer up due to workers comp being shit so don't be surprised if I post that around sometime

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Talked on the phone with my MIL for like 47 minutes I need to lay down and play Skyrim for a bit now lmao

He's having some terrible health problems regarding dizziness from it and he can't get care until this fucking workers comp thing gets sorted :/

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MIL wants me to help her set up crowdfunding because FIL is getting royally fucked by workers compensation which hasn't paid him in over a month

the term “tenderqueers” always has me picturing a little frilly gay version of a Raising Cane’s Chicken Finger Box Combo

If you’ve met me IRL you already know that my hair is already pretty Lynch lmao. My hair makes up 1-2 inches of my overall height.

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i hope one day I’m half as cool as either of these guys. Both are my combined transition goal.

Happy birthday, David Lynch!!

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