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Hi, I have a Patreon! I am in the process of revamping it from a time it didn't get much attention but I am getting better about scheduling posts and I am working on some helpful guides like materials and methods.

I am also taking requests from Patrons in the coming weeks of mini tutorials and processes they'd like to see.

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I'm Rhys, & I go by Bug or Bugpaws as well. I'm trans-masc and agender, my pronouns are they/them

I primarily do digital art but also love watercolors, color pencils, & more. I've worked on illustrations, lite novels, games, & comics.



Commission rates:

You're also welcome to contact me for rates on specific pieces.

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Why CW eye contact? 

Look at this bunny scarf made from an old plastic bottle I found at Lush

Every time I see pixel icons made by @maple I'm filled with joy

me rushing from one distraction to another so I don't have to be alone with my thoughts or improve myself in any way

I'm so grumpled but I'm trying not to be because other than the bigoted dipshit, I had a nice lunch and spur of the moment mall outing with my mom, sister, and nephew (even if I was on the clock for 30mins of that outing)

There was a fucken weirdo who came by the kiosk telling us about his secret knowledge. That knowledge was anti-Muslim propaganda.

So I reported his ass to the mall security. If he comes by again I'm gonna tell him to fuck off.

irish people never colonised anything that’s why we don’t know what spices are

This is my anthem for this week and it can be yours too

Go be a fucking super Saiyan y'all

Given a stern talking-to for impersonating DJ Khaled in the lunch line and yelling "D J S A L A D"

Reminder among the shit going on lately, always remember that just because you don't like someone doesn't mean that it's okay to be ableist.

Someone doesn't earn your respect of being atypical based on whether you like them or not.

I tend to do a single follow up email and that's it, only to make sure the initial didn't get eaten. After that is being too pushy so I just let people be. I figure people will come to me when they are ready.

Reminder that email doesn't have to be responded to if you don't want to.

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