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Hi, I have a Patreon! I am in the process of revamping it from a time it didn't get much attention but I am getting better about scheduling posts and I am working on some helpful guides like materials and methods.

I am also taking requests from Patrons in the coming weeks of mini tutorials and processes they'd like to see.

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I'm Rhys, & I go by Bug or Bugpaws as well. I'm trans-masc and agender, my pronouns are they/them

I primarily do digital art but also love watercolors, color pencils, & more. I've worked on illustrations, lite novels, games, & comics.



Commission rates:

You're also welcome to contact me for rates on specific pieces.

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now listen to me mastodon user. i am talking directly in your ear now. i need you to do me a favor. you will do this for me. i need you to go to these profiles, and i need you to follow these fucking accounts. if i find out you do not follow these accounts you will be in big trouble mister. you will never see the light of day. (eye contact)


Updated my Patreon goals too, I know i'll not reach them but... one can dream.

lmao twitter artists with over 50K followers are fucking bonkers

First in a new post format I'm calling Sketchbook Sunday, where I post pages from my very UN-aesthetic sketchbooks to maybe make both you and me feel better about how "imperfect" they are and that not everything needs to be Insta Pretty.

Timed unlock, available for patrons immediately, available 3 days later for the public :)

Lois van Baarle is donating profits from select prints on INPRNT to BLM fundraisers until the end of July!

One of them is my favorite work of hers, "Sour"

Discovered the Kuretake 空っぽ pen which is meant to be used with Ink Cafe inks but can be used with any non-clogging pen ink

@scoots yes. My birb Page has 3 undead hands sticking out of her hood at all times. So what?

Their names are Carl, Carl Jr., and Hardee's.

Also, the hedgehog is her familiar, her name is Lulu, and she is possessed by Page's patron God, Gaziika, which is He Goes Fast in Ojibwe, because he is Sonic the Hedgehog.

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Anyway, I'm taking requests on shit people would like to see whether they are new, old, or potential patrons. I invested in a lil light, I'm gonna get a admittedly cheap tripod so I can take better pictures and maybe even do videos when I get brave enough for people to hear my embarassing "sound like a pre-pubescent boy" Texan voice.

and I guarantee your country has racism out the ass, too that you might not even be paying attention to.


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I know things are winding down for everyone who is unaffected by police brutality, but we cannot let that happen. We cannot stop talking about it. Doesn't matter what country your from, doesn't matter. If you've got cops, they are abusing that power to hurt the most vulnerable - so don't just pretend like this is an America problem, either.

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I've not been nearly vocal enough on this account relative to the amount of followers as I have here but: Support Black peers. Support Black Communities. Black Lives Matter - not just the Black folk *you* like personally. Everyone on this platform, regardless of whether I like them or they like me, DESERVE a safe place to exist, to communicate, and to walk down the street without fear of being beaten to death by the people who claim to protect them.

Anybody have a podcast to recommend that is made by a trans woman but isn't about gender stuff?

I would love if Patreon could be my full time job but I'll never have that clout.

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