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I made a post on Tumblr with my commission information and a link to my commission request form: ashbishopcall.tumblr.com/post/

Lower pricing is non-negotiable but if there's something you want not listed I can make a quote for you. Just shoot me an e-mail at the address listed for inquiries on the Google Form.

Commissions are currently open.


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So, I guess

My name is Rhys, but I also go by Bug. I'm trans-masc, my pronouns are they/them and I live in TX, and I'm 29 y/o.

I live with my partner and my pets, Pacha (an Angora mix with attitude) and Maple Pecan, or Pea for short (Fancy bear Syrian ham)

I mostly do digital art but my experience has run the gamut from oil painting to printmaking to straight up melting down bronze and casting it into a statuette. I have a lot of formal education but I'm currently self teaching myself to stop being so stiff with my work.

My big project right now is working on the Game Grumps Charity Zine :)

Oh yeah, the Game Grumps zine I did work for is up for preorder! It's available until March 22nd, you can get it digital, physical, or bundled! Profits go to Child's Play charity :) creativezines.com/index.php?_r

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im so bummed out today pls show me your pets (or if you dont/cant have pets the kind of pet you want to have)

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"I spent sophomore year listening to Absurd Pop Song Romance and The Fury of the Aquabats on a loop and this is how I get repaid by society?"

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Store updated with a limited quantity of memos, hand mirrors and diy shelves— RTs appreciated, thank you v much!


"hey Rhys pls use this coupon to buy me snax"

:pea: is about 5-6 months now but she still looks like a tiny baby, I love her

non-sexual trans masc breasts, amputated limb Show more

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I need to commission some icons for an open source package manager. If this is the kind of thing you might be interested in (pretty much any style welcome), please ping me.

It pays money. €€€€

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Just one more survey, I promise! If you're at all interested in the , I'd appreciate your feedback - there's only one question, so it shouldn't take much of your time :^)


why did i tag this selfie its not one its just a picture of me

im stillr ecovering from the flu ok

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I wrote a song for whose "birthday" is this week. Enjoy <3
(This was done for a collaboration album)