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So, I guess

My name is Rhys, but I also go by Bug. I'm trans-masc, my pronouns are they/them and I live in TX, and I'm 29 y/o.

I live with my partner and my pets, Pacha (an Angora mix with attitude) and Maple Pecan, or Pea for short (Fancy bear Syrian ham)

I mostly do digital art but my experience has run the gamut from oil painting to printmaking to straight up melting down bronze and casting it into a statuette. I have a lot of formal education but I'm currently self teaching myself to stop being so stiff with my work.

My big project right now is working on the Game Grumps Charity Zine :)

i still have an old file of it but ive lost a bunch of progress and its on a tight schedule

adobe ate one of my commissions ugh

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ugh my computer isnt detecting my 2nd monitor after i updated the graphics drivers RIP

call me sappy but i love to see people happy and in love (even when that love is friend love and not romantic)

i found out one of my fav youtube horror reviewers has a partner that does super cute art for his videos now and im LIVING

their art is super cute too

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and we have an improved beetle! the other one was a pretty big failure in brush experimentation :)

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Someone wanted a boostable version of this pic of Rose and I realized I haven't posted it here yet (it's from 2016 and I don't see it in my media here), sooo~

(reposted because FOR SOME REASON it didn't upload the full image before???)

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When I was a kid I LOVED animal books, like the animal encyclopedias with a bunch of photos in them and I would pore over them and learn about different, weird animals.

I'm legtimately thinking of doing an alternate version that has colorful illustrations and then making it into a book.

Animalphabet so far is

A is for Aardwolf
B is for Bombay Cat
C is for Corella Bird
D is for Deer

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I can't resist posting it here. It's a surprise gift for my friend but she won't see it on mastodon
#art #mastoart icosahedron.website/media/FwJ-

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First part done~ I'll add flowers in the background later
#art #mastoart

i love this instance

just felt like saying that

still taking printer recommendations. ours is so old that you can't even buy ink for it anymore :x