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Hi I'm Rhys! I'm a low/no income trans-nonbinary artist in Texas in my 30s.

⭐ I do commissions! You can purchase one here:

if Paypal is not an option, DM me letting me know which you'd like. I also accept Venmo and Cashapp.

⭐ I have an Etsy shop!

⭐ I run a Patreon!

and I accept tips/donations at

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friend Rhys is in a bit of a spot! his manager scheduled him for good hours… right when he’s needed to support his husband after a surgery. While we can’t do anything about the effects of his calling out, if you hate America and Capitalism please consider helping him recover the $70 in lost wages!


I got just enough for rent. (Bless)

So not life or death, but still looming:

80 for utilities
100 for health insurance
gas/food money

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I woke up to a not a full paycheck from daycare job I left. Which was unlike what i thought

And wow, WalMart does stagger payments by a week. Cooooooool. So i don't have that money

So i have just under 600 in my account rn.

And rent is $650 (most urgent and needs about 75 more bucks)

Utilities is $80

And my health insurance is $100.

And if i want gas (which i will soon) that's 50/tank (obviously can be less, just giving the full amount)


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Hey it's that time again for me to cheerlead for friends!

Not only are they short rent, but they punctured a tire.
They've been struggling so much there is no emergency funds to go to a tire so Jessica can start working.

They are queer, darling couple with a little toddler girl who struggle with poverty and disability issues... if you can help, please contribute here:
@londonshine for venmo (0309)
$glamorshark for cashapp

Shutting down my Patreon but enabled monthly recurring donations on Ko-fi.

please help @magicalmilly, our wonderful two-spirit indigenous admin, get to a local clinic to get checked out they've been sick for days and they need to see a doctor before they can go back to work :(

average uninsured clinic costs are about $150 and money is too tight rn

#mutualaid #uninsured

I think the pandemic has just destroyed my ability to enjoy creating things.

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Once I'm done working on my backlog of commissions, I'm gonna take a break from drawing for awhile I think. I just don't enjoy it anymore. :(

Me: I'll do yardwork and then draw

*Does edging and weed removal*
*Can no longer bend elbow*


Getting back to commission backlog tomorrow because my pain is starting to get under control :)

A very chilly fist bump to others experiencing power outages bc of Uri. Been a day and a half so far

My ipad sketchboard stand finally shipped so maybe I will be able to work on commissions for more than 20 minutes without bad shoulder pain 👌

I feel like my only posts these days are to say I haven’t forgotten about commissions, I’ve just been dealing with a lot.

Hi you friendly folks of Mastodon.Art!

I paint the things that make me happy. I hope they'll bring some calm and happiness to you too!

My favourite is painting forests. I use gouache, watercolours and If I'm really motivated, oils.

I'm excited to see loads of cool art and find new artists! Hope to learn from all of you!

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