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commissions are open! I can do telegram stickers, fullcolor sketches, skeletons, full body art, and more!

my comic Blight updated with two pages!! hooray!!!
page 23:
page 24:

beginning of the comic:
RTs appreciated! <-- i got such a cool commission from them!! look at my floaty dragonsona

note about the adoptable i posted yesterday: i've fallen too much in love with this design to give it away!! QAQ sorry to anybody who might've been interested

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a frank conversation about touching

hi followers i've always been into homestuck, but quietly

until now

i've discovered the joys of drawing canon gays

a frank conversation about touching

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hey i drew some homestuck

probably too late for valentines day but here's davekat

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happy valentines day!! don't forget to give your local moon an awoo or AS MANY AWOOS AS POSSIBLE!!!!

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..|\|\__ * sniff sniff *
< ' o/ i smell...
/ 7 lots of love !!

aw nooo why are the colors all messed up in this compression

here's a scoli with cheetos dust in their hair

‪an commission for @gale's adorable character, Matanabi!!‬

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..|\|\__ dangerous but
< ° o/ non threatening
/ 7 A W O O !

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woah you can boop my nose in my profile page and i'll awoo at you!! AWOOOOOOO

(reply to prev. post) (commissions update) I've added icons to my listings, but I'm also raising the prices of everything by $5 except for telegram stickers!

YES YES YESSS (gif with very minor motions)

i wonder if it'd work with hearts and stars and etc!!! who'd be up for this sort of icon commission

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