another buffer overflow drawing 🐛

original 80's felt tip pens on hahnemühle paper
30 x 42 cm


a3 inkjet print on glossy photo paper

29.7 x 42.0 cm

one of the very few style transfer stills i made ~5 years ago

24. August 2016 ➰ 16.02.2021

"As all rules of coexistence are abolished, the rules of violence are imposed."- Berardi

a3 inkjet print on glossy photo
29.7 x 42.0 cm

13. November 2016

Like never before, we all re-discover depression and the dark sides of erratic compulsion, self-destruction, and sabotage. The emotional, spiritual and mental well-being can be on a trajectory to be nurturing and enabling, on a positive trajectory.

Through my work, I want to offer a talisman to remember where your life is going. A spiritual and emotional reminder.


sharing some more prints of this series where i'm using my ~5 year old instagram posts as a source. it feels good, like finishing an abandoned project. and it's throwing me back to a different time of life as well. this one is called "the end of a fixed potential" (8. November 2016) printed on a3 glossy photo paper on a printer i managed to repair recently.

since covid keeps hitting, i'm trying to make a few bucks here:

laser projectors are kinda similar to plotters.. this is some work i showed in 2016 at spektrum here in berlin.

the compositions were projected onto a surface that was painted with phosphorescent paint.. kinda playing with the idea of making ephemeral drawings live, to illustrate the generative nature of it.. check the video to get an idea 💅🍀

〰️💻 when we enter 💾〰️

based on a quote from david bell‘s „an introduction to cyberculture“.

inkjet print on glossy photo paper
29.7 x 42.0 cm

🙏🏻🔝 check if u want it 🔝🙏🏻

🐛 an algorithmic centipede 🐛

297 x 420cm, ink on paper, plotted on a hp7475a

and a little snap of my contribution.. a big belated thank you for hanging and organizing everything :)

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oh finally, some documentation on the New Sublime exhibition.. just 7 years late 😂 , but I couldn't be happier to see what was going on there!

100 buffer overflows

the left picture was the design for the plot. the right one is the result of 100 intentional buffer overflows on a hp7574a pen plotter

〰️ „1010 complex lines“ 〰️ 7/10 〰️ industrial wax on paper 〰️ 59 x 84 cm 〰️ 2021

these are the 10 most complex lines (according to claude shannon's entropy theorem) from my database of recorded cursor lines.

Here I am sharing a text about the topics around my exhibition on "Feeling Data" at Erratum Gallery. It's essentially a transcript of a conversation Julius Voigt and myself had in September 2019, so please don't expect a well written essay. Nonetheless it feels like a soft introduction to my work in general. It's about algorithmic & graphic compositions, the digital and it's feedback to the analogue.

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