Proton mail, who claim they don't keep IPs, have handed the IPs of climate activists over to the French police. The activists had their homes searched and were arrested.

So the only way Protonmail is secure is if you use a VPN

@scearley they have a tor hidden service too. But yeah, not a good look.

@scearley pretty sure according to ProtonMail, they were forced to log that particular account, presumably they'd get the IP soon enough after that..

before 6 Sept they claimed not to log user data.
On 6 Sept, suddenly they are forthcoming with 5000 times they have logged user data since 2017, including times before receiving the court order.

@scearley 2020 was already in the table here early 12 July

Though having to wait a year for the report seems a little long.

If the police has a warrant to the content of your emails, and ProtonMail does not challenge it, I reckon they'll have it when you next login.

Well i suppose even if they challenge it they may choose to collect it but hold off on sharing it with police pending the process.. Optimistically...

@scearley a company isn't going be able to protect actually illegal things..

The squatters are doing "illegal" things, illegitimate laws, there for the exploitation of the populace, but the company can only do so much, presumably.

I really doubt Europol should get involved with good o'l squatters.

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