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it's DONE

my dead kennedys kill the poor covid-19 music video is COMPLETE



"I'm sure things will turn around for you" is how people say "Well, gotta go now"

51 months.

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traveling to the uk and the eu with exotic gifts (one can of original formula grape 4 loko)

Why does this character requirement in password failure exist? 

Feel free to try this experiment for yourself.

In at least 75% of the cases I've tried, probably more, sites with stringent password character requirements (must have a special character, must be at least so many characters, et al.) do NOT adhere to these requirements when you "forget" your password and reset it.


Folks I tried Mariah Carey's Irish Creme. "Black Irish".

It's....'s unconscionably good.

I went in thinking this booze was going to be an absolute gong show and it's arguably the best out there.

Also: It's not overly "Mariah". Her name is on it, the neckband is her initials, but unless you knew what to look for, it ain't obvious that she's part of it.

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Before we get to the good stuff, the great stuff:

I opened a shop! Buy some stickers!

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