TW: there's some dirty French going on if you speak French.

Shirtless men, ec 

ZZ Top, 1972.
Photo: Bud Lee

I'm in the inaugural issue of IPRC's Ghost Print. I have two pieces in it, and if you head down to IPRC and ask nicely you may be able to get one of these done in riso!

but the digital issue is always available.

The photo of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis naked in the shower I posted the auction link to yesterday ended up selling for $4500

link to a nude photo for sale on ebay 

A legitimate photo of these two naked in the shower. this ends in 18 hours from the time I am posting this (posting at 0740 UTC Sunday)

and the webcams are in tomorrow so we'll see if I can get obnoxious

working on cross-stitch patterns. I have a few now, they're all working pretty wekk

swear (Signal app continued) 


I get that they are not set up for troubleshooting, but to essentially tell me to go fuck myself when trying to open a damned log is some serious horseshit.

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forced to uninstall Signal.
It simply stopped working, freezes, and crashes. After contacting them for help, they suggested I run the windows or iOs program to let them view the log.
After telling them Hey I use linux their response was "Can't help you."

Signal started freezing on load. There was an update today, and the app worked for about an hour, and now, freezes and crashes again.

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I legitimately do not know the useful diffrence between dribbble and Behance, but I've updated both of mine.

Cover of the Now: Massive Attack, "Bela Lugosi's Dead" (Live)

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