pitiful me 

I'm so fucking tired of people doing halfassed versions of what I do and getting massive grants and selling work and being promoted by people. fuck

a 9/11 related bad tat 

a full back tattoo of the twin towers with INSIDE JOB written on them

the next quarterly report cover is going to be one of these two. I'm vacillating.

Proton mail, who claim they don't keep IPs, have handed the IPs of climate activists over to the French police. The activists had their homes searched and were arrested.

So the only way Protonmail is secure is if you use a VPN


Gustav Moreau, "The Park and the Angel of Death". 1890.

The bookmark someone in the Puget Sound Backgammon club brought back from China fifteen years ago for me broke this evening.

book quote 

I asked what about Wednesday and the officer said, We're busy on Wednesday. And Tuesday too." Yoram Kaniuk, _Life On Sandpaper_

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