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Hello Mastodon! For me and Robin (@12_0_13 on Twitter) worked on a 2D version of Campo Santo's Firewatch.
There's absolutely nothing to do yet (we plan to add some gameplay later) but you can walk around and explore, and even climb into your lookout tower!
🌲 🌲
Let me know what you thought!

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Hello again Mastodon 🐘
My name is Pauline aka Sarcelle Cannelle, I'm French, and I'm trying to become a better artist.
I don't have a fixed style or a favorite medium so my art is a bit all over the place. But at least I'm having fun and (I hope) improving every day!


En ce moment j'ai un peu (beaucoup) les nerfs à vif. Alors j'ai fait une BD, sur *ma* vue d'artiste. Simplement, factuellement, pour le coup 100% autobio. Ça s'appelle sobrement "à feu doux"
J'espère que ça vous plaira ! 💙

Bloodstone Oasis

Piece I did for an author many years ago. Still a bit of a sucker for it, though. It was my first attempt at painting a desert and I think it worked well.


Hello Mastodon, I have not forgotten you! Here's a of something I'm working on. First time drawing architecture, which means lots of construction lines and a ton of trial and error, but I feel like I'm getting there.

Inktober day 10 - Catnip witch

The dip pen was NOT working for me so I switched to a small brush and I am much happier with the result. What do you think?

Inktober day 8 - Reishi witch
I had never heard of reishi mushrooms before, they're kinda cool looking.

Inktober day 7 - Prickly pear witch
A bit messy that one. Also the character looks nothing like a witch but as you may have noticed I have a very loose definition of what a witch can look like.

Inktober day 3 - Acorn witch, planting young oaks in the city in the dead of night
I struggled a lot with this one and it shows...

day 1 - Lavender witch, friend of the bees 🌿🐝
I'm using Djamila Knopf's botanical witches prompt list this year, is anyone else here using it?

J'ai craqué et acheté des Posca (c'est pas ma faute, c'est à cause de @Plumy qui m'a beaucoup trop donné envie d'essayer avec sa vidéo). Je n'ai pas encore eu beaucoup de temps pour expérimenter mais j'ai hâte de pouvoir m'y mettre plus sérieusement !
I gave in to temptation and bought Posca markers. I haven't had a lot of time to experiment with them yet but I can't wait to do more!

A brush pen sketch I did in Italy earlier this year, in the hills outside of Florence.

@sarcellecannelle I would probably recommend just checking out youtube.

This playlist is pretty decent but it isn't really teaching you the basic basics of blender or anything.

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