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Hello again Mastodon 🐘
My name is Pauline aka Sarcelle Cannelle, I'm French, and I'm trying to become a better artist.
I don't have a fixed style or a favorite medium so my art is a bit all over the place. But at least I'm having fun and (I hope) improving every day!


(Edited version: original file was too large and became difficult to read)

I've been on a three day camping trip into the Norwegian wilderness with my partner and our 3-year old (his first real trip!), and I had some time to just sit besides the lake and reflect upon the reflections and how to paint them. I've worked out my notes into this tutorial and I'd really like to share them with my fellow fedi-artists.

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This watercolour is of the other end of Beesands in South Devon. I really enjoyed painting this one.

Throwback to these Koroks I sculpted back in December for my boyfriend's birthday 🍁 One of my favorite projects ever!

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Catching up on my current project, small improvised drawing of imaginary architectures.
Soon to be printed as a self published book !

1-Lighthouse, fort, restaurant, smugglers' hideout, this little island did all of this, sometime all at once.

2-The old observatory, now merely a communication tower, crumbling in disrepair under the weight of antennas.

3-The mad scientist lair, build upon the remains of the family castle, growing each day more weird and menacing.

Foggy morning dispatches 🙂 The tule fog here is so patchy -- dense in places and almost clear in others. I'm just happy it's been a foggier Winter, since it's my favorite sort of weather!

My illustration of the Glacier National Park, inspired by one of their public domain photos.

Lake St. Mary, Glacier National Park
Reference: David Restivo, NPS

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I'm a freelance illustrator working in a painterly, colourful style. I'm part of the current wave of people fleeing Twitter. Sorry about the invasion, I come in peace :)
Here are a few examples of my work:

🍄 Icones mycologicæ, ou Iconographie des champignons de France principalement Discomycetes,.
Paris: P. Klincksieck, L. Lhomme, successeur, 1905-10.

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