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the best thing about writing a webcomic is making my characters say whatever the shit I want

Trying the new drawing tablet, will take a little getting used to lol

Posting some stuff here. This is for Day 2 - “Tranquil.”

I hope everyone has fun with Inktober this year! I won't be able to do it every day, or possibly every week, but I'll try and get some stuff prepared too :)

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Attention Oregon digital :

I'm considering forming a group where we'd get together once a month to collaboratively/individually work on our art.

You'd bring your computer and/or tablet. We could show each other what we're working on and teach each other the tools & techniques.

We might have shared projects, where we're collaboratively working on the same image or swapping images and working on those.

Reply to this post if you're interested

Another oldie. Flora concepts for my webcomic-in-progress.

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