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Hello! I'm Jack, a queer comic artist from Canada. I really love to draw people getting punched, abandoned buildings, and all the little details. ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ
I really look forward to meeting other artists here, you are all so talented and inspiring! Keep up the great work everyone!

blood, nudity 

Birthday present for @Lorsenal
of these absolute disaster girls from her comic :-)

✨It's comic update daaaaaay!!✨TWO new pages in which guess what THIS exorcist uses as an alarm cock. I mean, clock. 😘#nsfw

On this week’s page of Bicycle Boy, we’re back to our troublesome triad, and they’re traversing some terribly toasty terrain.


There's no good in whining really, but I miss the old internet. Past hostility was horrific but fleeting, and easily avoided. Now it is extremely pervasive. Hostility is coded into the very bones of the websites we cling and stretch ourselves over, where we wait to be plucked off by birds. It's hard to watch this wild, dying thing, maimed as it is by corporate greed. ah fuck it I feel old
It's hard to explain why I don't feel comfortable posting anymore but eh. It's somthin like that.

Hiya! ⭐ I'm Cat (she/her) and I'm a freelance artist based in Texas! I really love #art and drawing, so even when I'm not working I'm probably still doodlin 🎨

This is my (new) personal account where I'll talk about my interests, like: video games, tv shows, #sapphic girls, kitties, and more! 💖 I'll also dump sketchies and sona doodles here :blobpard:

Check out my main @catkaiju for more finished artwork! If you only wanna follow for the doodles, I'll also RT any art I post here to my main! :blobcatcomfy:

(Finally made a new #introduction post! Yay!!!)

dip pen sketches from this week!

my favorite nib is the speedball 512. like super fluid to use.

I enjoyed my socmed break, but i think i am ready to start posting again. ❥

Here are some ink washes i did in preparation for the launch of:

Did another drawing using some of the vintage graph paper that my partner got for me!

Didn't mean to spend all day on it, but it was a very fun problem to work with the existing designs on the paper!

Micron + Prisma color art markers.

This drawing and others are available at

On this week’s page of Bicycle Boy, we check in on Diego and Alsoomse. Last time we saw them was back in Chapter 4.

Illustrated Haiku, CW for possibly gory/gross elements 

calculated honks / prompt revolving rainbows to / digest all missiles

Another little sketch for the sketchbook exchange project. The sketchbook itself is on its way to Finland to be further filled. But I just couldn't let it go without a froggy.

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