This is an art raffle for
MomentaiMonster on Twitter, featuring her OC, Brizomon!

Lorem Ipsum, the Jadetooth! A character created for a fictional game, he eventually gained sentience and escaped to other worlds. This is the latest version of his design.

Panzer Bandit, a game lost to time and bankruptcy. Here's my tribute for the game's main mirror duo, Kou and Jin.

This is Elle Yaga, from an unnamed story that I'm developing bit by bit. Her little assistant there is Styopa!

for SilverShrimp's character Reno in knight form, it was fun to draw!

Khoen the Hymnak Mercenary! A very old hornet alien design, in their latest incarnation.

Ah, that's hot! The Britpunk Starter Boys of ! I drew when the first S&S trailer dropped, good times!

Back in March, I drew a tribute to Arby's! That was a fun exercise that opened lots of doors.

This was the I did for my friend Kisetsukaze: her tamer OC and Dukemon/Gallantmon!

Ah, Gitaroo Man! What a legend...

My wish is for this game to get its PS4 remake. Do it, Koei Tecmo!

Battlemage , a what-if: Ralsei grows up and adopts elements from Asriel's God of Hyperdeath costume!

Wuxiatale: drawing my favourite skele-trio from with Chinese elements!

This is my artwork celebrating Happy New Year 2019! My resolution at that time was to create more interesting visuals for the year.

I kept it going!

Hey there, I'm new here! I'm here from Twitterland:

I'll slowly post each of my 2019 artwork here until it's up to date.


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