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Alucard from

The original, elegant dhampir that begun it all!

🌳 May Update 🌳

How's everyone doing? Lockdown here is easing up and ending mid-May! Looking forward to it.

My long-time followers might notice that I'm currently with a new art style, expect more of these! I enjoy the new options.

Take care & stay healthy, folks! 🌟

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Here are my pieces for Pandoradota2, featuring my characters Wilkob, Pied Piper and Redhood!

For my first , the briefing in my head just says ". Year of the Rat. Now go wild."

Erling Vyginti, infobroker extraordinaire. Like most Rodereans, he loves hoarding and collecting. Having a powerful memory makes his IB job fairly easy and untraceable.

I’ll be on a holiday trip until around Christmas and New Year, so here’s an artwork of Fubuki before my short hiatus!

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