Also this prompt comes from @/Triangle_Art_JW on Twitter!

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I’m doing one of these over on Twitter but I thought it would be cool to see how different this comes out with this crowd! Help me out with some suggestions please and thank you 🙏😘

The newest drawing isn’t her usual outfit btw, it’s fanart of the new Kanaria song but shhhh

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I wanted to show off my improvement and change in style over about a year! Left is a reference I made of my Utauloid Mouse from about a year ago when I didn’t have much free time to draw, right is a drawing of her I’m working on now after drawing almost every day since the beginning of 2022.

@Lurizon i try to do that too for the most part, I’m just afraid I might get a little TOO detailed in the later parts or end up describing things that aren’t necessary 😅. I’ve received a lot of good tips for how to do it better tho! Vibes are definitely something I will focus on more ✨

@TapiocaPearl that makes a lot of sense! That also definitely seems more efficient than describing every detail in hopes that the viewer will put it together themselves. Thanks for the tip!

@foervraengd that’s a really good tip! That’s really interesting because it seems to make the description into an artwork of its own in that sense, almost more poetic. Thanks!

For example, here’s how I’d describe a photograph:

“A photograph of a yellow rubber duck on a blue wooden table”

And here is how I’d describe a drawing of the same subject:

“A digital painting of a yellow rubber duck on a blue wooden table. The duck has black eyes and an orange beak and is facing the left of the screen. A ray of orange sunlight is shining across the duck’s back. In the background there is a bag of chips. The painting style is loose with big rough strokes.”

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My thought is: when it comes to describing a photograph of something you would want to describe just the subject of the image, since the extra details aren’t necessary to understand why the picture was posted. But if it’s art then everything existing in the picture was put there with a degree of intent which makes it important, so how much more detailed should the description be?

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Question for people who have more experience with alt text than me: when describing artworks is it better to be more detailed and have a longer description, or be more straightforward and brief?

Writing out long alt text slows me down a bit when it comes to posting my art, so I want to make sure what I’m doing is actually necessary and not just overkill for me and annoying for the people who use it 🥲

- I have more to say in the replies -

The vibes here are good, I feel much less pressure to uphold a professional aura than I do on :twitter: . Maybe I’ll start posting my utau tuning experiments since that’s what I like to do when I’m not drawing! :polarbears:

@TapiocaPearl she’s one of my favorites!! She’s actually gone through 4 iterations at this point, so I don’t blame you for not being able to keep up 😅 she got a new design about 2 days ago that’s been pretty polarizing for people, so this is my spin on that one! Thank you 🥰

@konomikitten ahh thank you! That’s Nekomura Iroha, she’s a Vocaloid tho I did add the sweater to the design myself 🥰

@janKin Thats such a high compliment thank you 🥺🥺🥺 I will absolutely let you know!! I would love to make something for you once I’ve got time for commissions again (also sorry for the 3 day wait on a response, I was very sick)

@janKin thank you so much!! 🥺🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰🥰

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