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thanks for the boosts everyone i'll get used to mastodon soon, promise. ; v ; <3

i should probably add! It's for the Pacific north west Regionals! Cascade event! i i'm extremely excited

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Heyo: you probably dont know yet because i'm still new to posting here on mastodon, but I'll be having a tomorrow starting at 12:00 PM PST! – i'll be working on the remaining pins before i attend a tournament in about a week from now up at UBC! – you can follow me/set a reminder here: we're currently in a bit of an odd schedule for these because i'm currently very busy with events: but I'll be back to reguarly scheduled weekly streams in december as well. hope to see you there! 😊 💗 Also hey I have an etsy shop. doin free domestic (Canadian) shipping 'til the end of the month <3 if you buy 3 shirts i'll throw some bonus pins at cha too.

Howdy!! my name is Sam Kalensky, I'm an artist from Vancouver, BC! My artistic trademarks are vivid colors, punchy linework, dynamic frames, chaotic compositions, tasty food, and slick and silly smears! I table annually, selling my work at local Vancouver events and have so since 2008!
My goal is to work as a character designer, or concept artist in games, comics, or animation.
• My résumé and qualifications may be found here:
• My Portfolio: samkalenskyportfoliomode.tumbl
• I'm available for freelance hire/commission and I am also interested in full time opportunities!
• For inquiries, please contact:
• Check out my Patreon, Twitch and Instagram for more of my work as well as photos from my events. I'll try to post here about as often as i do on my the other sites! :)


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