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Howdy!! my name is Sam Kalensky, I'm an artist from Vancouver, BC! My artistic trademarks are vivid colors, punchy linework, dynamic frames, chaotic compositions, tasty food, and slick and silly smears! I table annually, selling my work at local Vancouver events and have so since 2008!
My goal is to work as a character designer, or concept artist in games, comics, or animation.
• My résumé and qualifications may be found here:
• My Portfolio: samkalenskyportfoliomode.tumbl
• I'm available for freelance hire/commission and I am also interested in full time opportunities!
• For inquiries, please contact:
• Check out my Patreon, Twitch and Instagram for more of my work as well as photos from my events. I'll try to post here about as often as i do on my the other sites! :)

Doodle stream is tonight at 8:00 PM PST! – > <
i'll be drawing requests and taking art commissions! $10 for a doodle
My Full Commissions are between $25–$75/hr depending on the project!
• inquires: •

Shipping rates unfortunately are going to double very soon, so if you wanted something from my etsy, please do so before the price change on the 21st:

Also, My Patreon's "club" rewards will remain unchanged for now (seeing as its quarterly.) but I hope we can get some more members soon to help offset addittional shipping costs:

Streams in a couple hours starting at 12pm pst going til 3:00 PM PST here’s another wip!! I’ll be working on this New Years pic (featuring OCs from my comic, landfish: ) and taking patron requests!
Hope to see you there!!

Posted a "what do you want to see from me in 2018?"/Year End Recap a bit early over on my

i'm so tired but i feel like i should post more art.

Happy Holiday!! I just finished my holiday crunch so i'm tired and running a bit late on everything. Hope this will do for a holiday pic. – Expect new Landfish pages after the holiday and well into new years!!
Wishing ya'll a fun, warm, silly holiday!

MANY LEGS. – U could say that they're a fawn guy. 🦌
Character Commission done of @nekoora 's character. <3 for inquiries.

Drew a bunch of pokemans (from memory) during my stream today! Next stream is on at 8:00 PM PST on Friday! -
• Stream recording:
• Higher res & DoodleClub!:

Getting packages together for my ! – –
Pinclub packages for november/december are being sent on monday!! This time everyone gets a little maid sammy 💗 :)

Fun Fun Fun, i'm doing a cross promotional with our maid cafe next month. @animeevolution

here's a of my entry for this month's character design challenge!

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