@paul Short answer is, these days yes.

Longer answer is: well if you don't count nvidia driver, and whatever proprietary items are in the camera/default camera app of the android phone. Generally if I can replace something with an open source alternative without losing out of substantial quality, I will stick to it.

I use Darktable mostly to edit, occasionally Gimp / Krita.

@eylul I admire that! Wish I could say the same but I could never bring myself to replace DaVinci Resolve and other closed-source tools 🙃

It doesn't have to be a binary thing. Try a program out, integrate it to your workflow. Many illustrators here use Krita for example, without necessarily working toward having a full workflow that involves open sourced software. :) Many of these programs are really good, and worth a try and sometimes are better than the commercial alternatives. :)

@eylul absolutely true but I feel like the film industry does not have that much great open source software 😶 There is MagicLantern of course and it is absolutely amazing at what it does but I would always choose a real cinema camera over some open source DSLR extension. Hopeful @apertus will change some of that!

@paul actually.... as far as I know Blender has some use I believe on film industry (or used to? not entirely sure) but compatibility can be an issue sometimes. lack of open sourced/ hackable alternatives on devices (phones, cameras) is a problem. I am also waiting to see what happens with @apertus as well as @Purism 's upcoming linux phone although we'll see if those are accessible geographically and financially.

@eylul @apertus blender is definitely pretty great! But since I am not into 3D stuff that’s sadly not my area of expertise :) I talk to the @apertus guys at least once a year at the Maker Faire in Berlin and I am pretty certain what they are doing will be pretty amazing given time. Financially accessible should not be the hardest thing in my field compared to what the professional solutions now cost 😅


@paul @eylul @apertus
Blender is (partially) used for VFX in the TV show "Walking Dead", and has the most powerful and stable Video Sequence Editor in the category

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