They fear my freedom of speech, but they still don't grasp my freedom of interpretation.

Turn your fingers seven times in their phalanges before clicking/typing.

Just pull the plug on europe already Do something cool with your evil powers, tech giants! Unless we EU citizens do something to swap them, we have the leaders we deserve. Give us the mayhem they've asked for us. Better yet: let's us look but not play. No more uploads, no more input fields, no more share button. This could incentivise even the most selfish selfie narcisist to activism. Do it a week and watch the leaders crawl under angry mobs of a People's European Union.

While we're at it, i've been listening to this amazing #HipHop #Radio for a while now. There's a variety of subgenres (jazzhop, chillhop, lo fi, boom bap), and it's instrumental only -

In the past half an hour, i've heard some kind of ambient, bassy track, dub track, French trap, tech house/house-ish track, to dubstep rap. Their @basspistol #Radio is amazing. #Music

More info on their website :

Also, their name is fuckin' amazing. They shoot the best bass frequencies your body can desire.

Version 4.20 of our site is live and kicking. Be sure to check out The rusty metal heart of the Basspistol release machine that Lynn built for everyone to use!

@eylul @deerbard @luka @OsirisSaline @artsyhonker @sakrecoer 💙 (also, basically everyone I follow from the @awhaleslantern account is a fellow music maker).

@deerbard @luka @OsirisSaline @masu @awhaleslantern @sakrecoer @eylul
There is also which is a teensy tiny instance, but the aim is for it to be run by musicians, for musicians

Also check out the hashtag


@deerbard ok lets see there is

@luka @OsirisSaline @artsyhonker

There is also @masu who founded @awhaleslantern collaboration of mastodon musicians creating works in pairs. 3rd round of the project is in the works.

there is also @sakrecoer who is occasionally here.

I am sure I skipped over many many people here but hopefully will give a place to begin? :)

Our website has been quiet for about 5 years now! It's about to change...

@luka & their album Albatross just got a shout-out on tonight by @snowdusk_ AND you can listen to it here on the 's own :cc_cc: :funkwhale: @funkwhale

🎵& enjoy!

as the moon just begins to move out of shadow.

This image is actually a stack of 10 images, that's what it took to get to this level zoom from the 135mm lens on crop sensor raws.

edited using and in

This morning she farted, oooowoowowohhooo she farted in my room, she farted in my bed, she farted everywheeere oh baby!

Bitches should feel free to decontextualize, recontextualize, interpret, swap, mutate, encrypt, remix, whateverbox is written, seen heard and recorded. And if you can tell them all better while climbing the postindustrial reagganomic post-truth fake-news, digitally distributed, human-scaled littleness and leave appropriate ideas you caught along the short span of your small existence in the dirt: congrats! from dust we come to dust we go.

Bitches be doing shit online worrying about their privacy. Robots be working chips, worrying about how to balance the present's workload

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