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This is actually from my sony a6000. A lot of the underexposed images tend to have this 90s film camera quality to it after it. I am not sure, if it is what I tend to gravitate toward, or has to do with the properties of the film back in the day.

Istanbul, , 2017. CC by-SA

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Do you have a DAT site? is a P2P web, without the need of any blockchain. You should get one It's really easy & very fun! It works exactly like a normal HTML site.

All you need is the beaker browser. beakerbrowser.com/ (for now, rumors say Firefox will implement it) It's FOSS of course!

Here's mine: dat://2431e9404a851962a00e01c019a62816a29e971a9fe228d0be95ed946ead3855/

When you done setting up yours, send me your URL, and i'll seed it for you.

aaaah... them 90's bangers. I can't believe something so fresh can make me feel so old :D

Trevor Paglen: Art about surveillance, photographing secret bases & the rise of AI https://www.1843magazine.com/culture/a-space-oddity

That DAT thing though! 😻 beakerbrowser.com/

Wholy Cupcakes this instance is the house of talent!?

Random acts of kindness exist! One day when i wanted to let it all down @luka pepped me up, without even knowing who i am, no questions asked, unconditionaly.

Everyone should have an @eylul in their life. If you read this: Go follow!