If you are in a photo that has been uploaded to Flickr, IBM may have used your face to train facial recognition technology that could eventually be used to surveil you.

Nearly a million photos were scraped from Flickr to do so.

somehow managed to miss out on one of the most exciting 'hacks' demonstrated during #35c3 : the rental housing syndicate in Germany.

135 solidarity organizations that keep rental #housing #affordable in city centers by maintaining 'deprivatized' and 'unsellable' housing stock. These are collectively owned buildings with provisions against speculation. The organization is also involved in co-financing other similar housing projects.

Talk (german):

The talk also mentions related projects vrijcoop.org/ in #NL and habitat.servus.at/ in #AT

Project website:
syndikat.org/ (currently down)

The thousand year intergalactic tradition hits our dimension again at 3:03am CET tomorrow on acid.datapop.se

You are hereby summoned to contribute, listen (or both) to !!

Anyone can participate by sending original content in MP3 to: acid@datapop.se

And it's very nice to see a decent privacy disclaimer that really grabs attention, but to say something decent for once!

Take part of this year!!

A thousand year old tradition from the polar interwebs, that encompasses everything fun and acid music.

You can contribute anonymously, or send your your bestest links and pics and incredible story that'll make you look amazing on the acidweb, just as long as there is a piece of acompanying it, which you are ok with having freely distributed.

This is the 2015 edition:

Boost so others may join the creative acidity!

I've seen @eylul 's work on that desktop @ubuntustudio wallpaper, but first now I see it on an actual desktop. It feels like unicode noise: may have been subject to it, but as soon as attention is payed; dimensions emerge.
Deep dimensions.

Was thinking about acquiring cordless headphones. But I suppose I have to move to the 3rd world to translate my music mania into a semi-divine property.

They fear my freedom of speech, but they still don't grasp my freedom of interpretation.

Turn your fingers seven times in their phalanges before clicking/typing.

Just pull the plug on europe already Do something cool with your evil powers, tech giants! Unless we EU citizens do something to swap them, we have the leaders we deserve. Give us the mayhem they've asked for us. Better yet: let's us look but not play. No more uploads, no more input fields, no more share button. This could incentivise even the most selfish selfie narcisist to activism. Do it a week and watch the leaders crawl under angry mobs of a People's European Union.

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