I do personal commissions!

£90 🕸️ pieces like below, with backgrounds
£65 🕸️ full figure w/o backgrounds
£45 🕸️ busts w/o backgrounds
🐍 info/terms & conditions here: ohhaiku.bigcartel.com/product/
🐍 I've also added a patreon tier if you'd rather split the payment over a few months!

(will comment below with more CW'd examples)


CW for gore/body horror/parasites/food 

If you wanna see more you cna browse here, or my IG in my profile or my portfolio linked below! For which the same CW's apply but + violence (i think) and eye contact.
🌱 www.sajanrai.co.uk/portfolio

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CW for gore/body horror/parasites/food 

@sajan Nice work.

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