arty Resources/useful toots 

Okay, people keep posting amazing stuff here and I keep losing track of it so I'm gonna stick them all here in a pinned thread

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Big Artist Opportunities 

Incredible list of places that hold regular open calls for opportunities/residencies/exhibitions/funding etc. made by Everest Pipkin

Thread of some free art/art history books put online by the Metropolitan Museum of Art 

visual accessibility-related things 

@accessibleColors - a bot that "gets colours, finds their WCAG contrast ratio" To be honest, I don't think it's always posting 100% accessible colour contrasts, but recommend following for colour palette ideas!

And if you're interested in exploring more about colour contrast for accessibility, this site seems pretty cool:

@PleaseCaption - A bot that'll nudge you if you forget to add a text description to an image on mastodon.

“What are some good introductions to current HTML and CSS for people?” 

@tcannonfodder made this handy resource list.
He's also working on a web template for putting comics online so that people don't have to rely on Wordpress etc (which is something I've dreamed of for years) I'll link it up in another post in the near future.

Reference photos/artist tutorials 

a whole bunch of royalty free reference photos (figures, landscapes etc) by @noahbradley - quite a bunch of them for free!

He also puts a bunch of art tutorials etc on his main site:

insect reference photos 

I was trying to find a picture of a fly from a certain angle to reference, and remembered this site. Such an amazing project. Has a bunch of specimens, and you can view them from different angles.

online equivalent to life drawing 

You can pick a bunch of different options (clothed/unclothed, length of pose, even if you want to draw animals or structures instead) and even pause poses. I think their stock is either royalty free or user submitted, so don't expect consistency. BUT I find it really useful/neat.

(Also: I haven't looked into it, but a friend said there are life drawing sessions on youtube etc too if you do want consistency)

visual accessibility-related things 

Apologies to interfere in your thread, but i recently discovered @palette , which might be useful ;)

visual accessibility-related things 

@CountZero @palette interferences are more than welcome! thanks for this :D

“What are some good introductions to current HTML and CSS for people?” 

@sajan aw, thank you! If you ever want to try it out and need a hand, let me know! Always happy to help!

“What are some good introductions to current HTML and CSS for people?” 

@tcannonfodder no, thank you! And I definitely will hit you up when I've got something to put up!

insect reference photos 

@sajan Thank you very much! An excellent resource for sculpting insects

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