Now that I've actually got some scheduled posts on patreon, i'm wondering what frequency I should post them, what do you reckon?

@sajan Patreon suggests at least 2x/month. I personally find once a week or once every 2 weeks works best, and I'll give out little digests to each tier.

You want to be consistent but not spammy. Show you're active but it's not like other socials where you have to keep posting 5x/day to be relevant. Most patrons keep up w/ you on other socials rather than Patreon anyway :)

@micahdraws that's super helpful, thank you! Yeah I feel like I'm under-posting at the moment but I currently have it set at a post per week, and i'll throw in extra posts as and when

@sajan Happy to help and best of luck to you! I hope it goes well!

I've learned not to stress too much about it. As long as you communicate with your patrons they're usually chill. Overall it's WAY less hectic than other social media, which is a HUGE relief for me. You wouldn't believe what my patrons have stuck around through

@micahdraws agreed! I've found the same thing with my patrons/glad to hear yours are awesome too!
And yeah, I think especially since patreon has added a couple of features (like being able to add more than one image per post, finally, eurgh) I've felt like I can actually give them more stuff without feeling like I'm spamming.

@sajan oh my gods, I can't believe it took them so long to do the multiple-images thing. It just seemed like such an obvious necessity.

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